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  1. Hi, I recently developed a free HTML 5 ( Me, as all of you, would be interested in finding a way to win something out of my hard work. Do you have any experience with web games monetization? If yes, which solution are you using: Adsense? admob? Donate button? Games websites? other? What is the average income (based on users, pageviews or game plays)? Thanks in advance,
  2. Small suggestion: it would be nice if the arrows could have some memory so that one doesn't have to keep holding them the whole time. Example: the Pac dude is going to left and there is an up turn ahead. If I press (and don't hold) the up arrow some milliseconds before he reaches the up turn he should go up even if I didn't hold the up arrow long enough. It would make the mobile experience more fun.
  3. Check it out how to do it here:
  4. Hi all, At the same time I've created a Chrome plugin for transforming any image into a puzzle. Check it out (and rate it of course)! Best regards,
  5. Hi html HIGH 5, Thanks for the feedback. You are not the first person to speak about rotation. I'm skeptic if it will work well on the mobile version and if it will be intuitive. I'm trying to make it as intuitive as possible. It will come for sure in a future version At the moment I'm focusing in getting it right in all devices. Rgds
  6. Hi UMZ, Thanks for the feedback. In which device / OS did you test?
  7. Hi folks, I'm very advanced on the development of a pure HTML5 puzzle game. You can find the full working beta version here: I know it is another puzzle game, but what I would like to achieve is a very easy and intuitive game to create and share puzzles from your own photos. I would really appreciate for feedback on the game itself and mostly on possible bugs on different browsers. Hope to hear from your soon, Bruno