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  1. q. how to make an object invisible ? aka like ```object3d.visible=false``` in three.js
  2. doing progress. Now the api starts to be usable by others
  3. Update: we got the resize running. So we got a running prototype (object pose, projection matrix, window resize) are all handled. Now we need to clean the code. here is a video of the working resize -
  4. @Deltakoshonce it works and looks clean, i would love to see ar.js as tightly integrated as you want. The code is all available on but it is currently far from being usable by 3rd party. Currently it starts to works quite OK. (still some issue with window resize). once resize it done, i just need to find a good API. *question*: Can you gimme provide urls to the source which handle window resize in babylon.js ?
  5. Going well Fixed issue: - marker position properly copied - use projection matrix from calibrated cameras Remaining issue: - handling window resize
  6. More and more progress. now the babylon sphere is on top of the marker
  7. Update: see video below - i ported to the most recent ar.js api (which handle all tracking under a single API) - i used babylonCamera.freezeProjectionMatrix(), seems to work It is getting there. but still some issues. im not sure what is happening. If people wish to step in and make it happen faster, the whole code is available here
  8. @Deltakosh could i use freezeProjectionMatrix by anychance ?
  9. thanks @jerome in my case i want to *Set* it tho. aka i got the matrix, and i would like babylon.js to use mine PS: thank for the source. definitly useful
  10. Here is a video of the current status. position/rotation/scale seems to work (using scene.useRightHandedSystem = true) I still need to push the custom projection matrix, and then to handle resize.
  11. q. i would like to put my own projection matrix for the camera. Not one recomputed with fov,near,far,aspect etc... This is a projection matrix 4x4 issues from camera calibration. in theory it is already needed to support WebVR How can i do that ? Thanks
  12. Here is the current status - derived from @aFalcon example in case somebody wanna look (and hopefully fix ) the conversion between three.js camera position and babylon one can be found here
  13. Great! camera.fov works. (and it is in radian) learning babylon.js yet another question : q. how to make a plane visible on both side ? i tried what is below.. but the .twoSidedLighting = true doesnt change a thing for me. any hint ? var material = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("texturePlane", scene); material.twoSidedLighting = true
  14. Hello, under aFalcon energy, im working on porting ar.js to babylon.js it got some questions. q. i would like to set the camera position.quaternion.scale in babylon ? how can i do that ? q. i would like to change the FOV of the camera. how can i do that ? q. i would like to put my own projection matrix for the camera. Not one recomputed with fov,near,far,aspect etc... One projection matrix 4x4 of mine. in theory it is already needed to support WebVR. How can i do that ? Thanks