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  1. Hello! We are small independent game studio from St.Peterburg, Russia. We are only two people team and over the previous year we have developed a cross-platform multiplayer game - Slash Arena: Online. We have done a small video footage with different development stages of our game. Here is how the game evolved from a simple prototype to an almost done game. We hope it will be interesting. You can play on: Facebook, it passed greenlight and coming on Steam, GooglePlay and AppStore.
  2. We used Unity3D with Photon as a network framework. Bundle Unity3D + Photon works on both mobile devices, desktops and WebGL from the box. But in our case, we practically hardly refactored the Photon, leaving only the transport protocol. Let's just say... its to massive... And what about the Unity, well, a little knowledge in Java, ObjC, C++ and JavaScript should be enough to cope with the pain of cross-platform difficulties
  3. Hi, we are small game develop studio called Drunken Monday. We are only two people and during the last year we developed a cross-platform multiplayer game: Slash Arena. And we're almost done. We are glad to present you our game: Massively multiplayer online battles with swords and axes. Simple arcade action! Dodge the attack and choose a perfect time to strike. Upgrade your weapon, slash enemies, collect resources and reach the top! Battle Modes: ★ Deathmatch — Player vs All mode for 30 players. Score the highest damage and survive to win. ★ Arena 1vs1 — ranking due
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