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  1. function create() { //... game.make.particleEffect(10, 10, phaserJSON); } As you can see from snippet above you are using 'make' factory which is ok but then you need to add particle effect to world or you can use 'add' instead function create() { //... game.add.particleEffect(10, 10, phaserJSON); }
  2. Hi Garland. Can you send me the json file you try to use? I suppose you use project json instead of emitters json
  3. Here we go! Phaser Particle Editor v1.0.0-alpha.4 released! 1.Control particle tint over particle lifetime 2.Set particle bland mode 3.Bug fixings
  4. Hi folks! Let me introduce you phaser particle editor. This tool helps you to create phaser particle effects visually. It is of course open source and you are welcome to contribute! Editor also has plugin to help you create particles based on JSON data generated by Editor.
  5. @ivanix Thanks a lot! You save my day