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    Thanks ! I think you're right for the difficultiy, you're not the first one to say it to me
  2. Vink


    Hi everyone ! I'm glad to show you my first game created with phaser ! It was a pleasure to do it. xxXDaRkXxx is available here :
  3. Hi everyone ! First, you have to know that I am a noob with phaser ! And I'm not very good in english so I'm sorry if it's difficult for you to understand me. So I have a problem with my game. I would like to know if it's possible to move towards the pointer, i saw that there are some examples to move to pointer but I would like the player move towards the pointer but he doesn't stop at the pointer, it's just for the direction. I have also another question : i want to launch something (for exemple a rocket), when you launch something the object accelerate and finally decelerate, so for simulate this, I have to recreate the deceleration or not ? Thanks for your answers and if it's not understandable i can rewrite ^^ !