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  1. I just uploaded a short video to show how the game works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WgjGqEmZn8
  2. i'd definitly go for dom ui since it's much easier to manipulate. plus writing text may cause perf issue with canvas where are datas from ?
  3. Hello, i'm a JS developper in freelance and currently working on a personal project i'm making a game having the same gameplay as Diablo 2. I liked this game so much that i've decided to make a game with the same apporch (3D pre render, mouse based move...) for those who don't know d2 check this link => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7TADQxS6mk the game is a PVP Melee (w/ team or alone), the goal is to defeat others players using teamwork and character' skill. Small map will force players to keep moving while trying to put enemies in trouble. Round ends when all enemies are
  4. webpack gives an option to make imported module as global. I would recommand you to try this instead, it works out of the box : https://github.com/lean/phaser-es6-webpack
  5. afaik sprites can't be associated to 2 sprites sheet (if by atlas you mean spritesheet). you have to merge both animations in same spritesheet and then call the frames when you need it
  6. Hello, I would do something like that : -> set a callback to the "onkeypress" event, this function will detect which key was pressed and then call the associated action -> in the user cookies, make a hash keycode=>event (eg: A is 'move_left') -> then in your callback function when you detect A you know that the user wants to 'move_left' of course when your user want to change his bindings you have to change the cookie too Hope it helps
  7. Using JS based apps in wrappers will give you more market, i mean one dev can be exported on multiple plateforme (which is Cordova's objective). For unity there's wrapper for sure. But i agree with mattstyles, wrapper means lower performance, so it depends on the games you'll make. Anw 70% of mobile games can be runned using wrapper, so i'll go with a wrapper-based app. Also, i do think that in a near future (~3/4 years) with the exponential evolution of mobiles & js framework, js based game would make all of the current games. Eg: Check for react-native which is, imho, the best
  8. @Tom Atom yes i meant static=false sorry edited my post thank for your answers i ll check them back home !
  9. Hi, i've 2 characters physics p2 enabled, they both can collide with each other, they are also static=False.Which mean that when one run toward another, the second get back and get some velocity. Which properties i've to set to get more control on this effect ? I tried editing masse/inertia but got had not good results. Any tips ? I'm also looking for an equation that show how the effect works depending on theses parameters. Thx
  10. Thank you for your answer, by time I found another way to have it done using TexturePacker. I'll continue with that, it gives more control about how frame to use. Nice framework btw ! ;-)
  11. Hi, i'm facing a issue animating a char with spritesheet. I'm trying to animate a character with up/left/down/right animation. I'm using this one : https://opengameart.org/content/cowboy-platform-and-isometric-sprite-sheet Here's my code : https://pastebin.com/2EF6CEk5 Left and right moves work well, the error appears when using "up" moves, the character does not start animating with the good frame (i want it to start with first column 6 rows), instead it starts with 7 cols 6 rows ). Maybe i dont understand how case numbers work xith multiples rows spritesheets. By the wa
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