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  1. It is copyright infringement, but it is extremely unlikely you will be officially pulled up on it, unless your game seriously blew up / got a lot of attention.
  2. I am surprised that html5 devs sell licenses that allow the publisher to reskin their game and make other such changes themselves! Back in the days when Flash was used the dev's would implement the publishers API and provide them with the finished product, it didn't matter what you used to develop the game so long as you provided the .swf file with the required API running properly.
  3. I have noticed a trend on this site where various publishers want html5 content but only if it is developed in specific engines like PixiJs or Phaser etc, why is this? I am not seeing why it should matter to the publisher what you used to create the game, so long as it is actually html5 and runs exactly as intended on the targeted platforms (be it mobile / desktop or both). Do publishers of html5 games intend to make their own edits / changes to games they license so require that they are developed using the same software they use?
  4. I occasionally play / sub to the star wars mmo SWTOR. It isn't anything special game play wise although the main quest lines are pretty engaging due to the story quality, fully voiced cutscenes featuring your character, and the dialogue options. I wish the combat was better (I can't stand old style tab targeting mmo combat) ... but I'm a fan of the Star Wars universe so ....
  5. @mazoku I honestly don't know myself, I develop mainly for desktop. I can say the html5 performance on mobile is great, no idea how the .apk's run sorry
  6. Gamemaker lol, but honestly it spits out hmtl5 games without issue with the added bonus of also spitting out Android, iOS, Windows, OSX, Linux ... even export your games for xbox / playstation.