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  1. Yes @enpu, I'm using Chrome for Android. It seems that the same thing happens on iOS as well.
  2. @enpu It still doesn't work on Android, it's seems mandatory to start playback with an user gesture even if it's muted. Is there a way of simulate an event somehow so I can trigger the playback there? I've found more situations where I need to play a video without user actions.
  3. I have a Video that I load from the beggining of the game, and when clicking a given sprite it will perform a tween that when finishes, it will play the video. It works perfectly on desktop, however in Android I'm getting DOMException: play() can only be initiated by a user gesture. Do you know what could be the issue and how can I solve it? Thanks!
  4. Hi @enpu, I'm using Panda 1 for a project that is close to be finished and I saw that you launched a new website with docs for Panda 2 (great job BTW!), but I can't find anything about Panda 1 docs. Is it there somewhere or you just erased it? Me and some other guys working with me could use it if it's possible to have some kind of access to it. Thanks!
  5. I made a canvas class for a drawing app and set a white rectangle made with Graphics.drawRect() as its sprite, but I need to change its fill color when I click it. It seems that's not possible according to the few info I've found, so I want to draw another rectangle and change the container sprite but that's not working. Am I doing something wrong? How should I replace the sprite? game.createClass('Canvas', { init: function() { this.drawContainer = new game.Container(); var board = new game.Graphics(); board.visible = false; board.beginFill(0xFFFFFF); board.lineStyle(0); board.drawRect(0, game.system.height /3, game.system.width, 2 * game.system.height / 3 ); board.endFill(); this.sprite = fill; this.sprite = board; this.sprite.interactive = true; this.sprite.click = this.click.bind(this); this.drawContainer.addChild(this.sprite); game.scene.stage.addChild(this.notebookContainer); }, click: function(event) { var board = new game.Graphics(); board.visible = false; board.beginFill(0xFF0000); board.lineStyle(0); board.drawRect(0, game.system.height /3, game.system.width, 2 * game.system.height / 3 ); board.endFill(); this.sprite = board; } });
  6. Hi @Ninjadoodle, that approach worked, thanks! Now I have sort of a more complex problem, I need to draw shapes like squares or circles in a way that the user sees what he is drawing. I'm doing this by clearing and drawing again the shape every time the mouse moves to a different point (I don't do this with the pencil mode), but I haven't be able to draw another shape without clearing the one that's already drawn. Also I need to keep track of the shapes I draw, because there are going to be undo and redo options. Should I create a new Graphics object for each shape or what else can I do? Here is a gist so you can see how I coded the drawing: https://gist.github.com/JulianBonilla7/39ab2e403cbd43f55617998f25e3d136
  7. I'm just starting to learn PandaJS and I need to make a drawing game, where the top section has some controls to choose the type of figure, color, etc, and the bottom section is the drawing area (I attached a quick mockup) I've implemented some interaction with Pixi Graphics to draw the figures but in this moment everything is mixed into a single section, and the drawing starts just where I click the button to choose a figure. I want to be able to click any control from the top section and then start drawing when I click the bottom section. I've tried with containers but I don't really understand them. Which is the best approach for this? I'm currently using Panda 1.13. I will provide code if necessary.
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