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  1. thanks for the book.. I want to make something of this sort:- http://enclosure.hummel.com/_gehaeusekonfigurator/default_en.htm
  2. i dont want it clipped...i want so that it doesnt go outside the bounds
  3. I only have knowledge of basic js but i have a project at hand that i have to complete. I would really appreciate it if you could help me. I looked at the example but its the projection, that I am not looking for I want to know how to create boundaries, so that the image can not go out of bounds. and if they do, they are deleted
  4. i am using dragging example of pixijs and using simple 100x100 image but that is displaying very large (300x300). I used the cdn linking script to link pixi js framework. How can I make the image smaller and put bounds so that the image wont go beyond those bounds test.html