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  1. Hey @Wingnut, Are you still around on here!? I was made redundant in my last place hence the halting of my work with this, but I am restarting it for my own personal sites use! Just hoping your around for me to ask questions of again as you were my light in the dark with this work Thankss
  2. This is great! Can i make this work with sprites?
  3. Hey Guys I am currently struggling significantly with a task, I have my canvas with 38 sprites in, which you pan across each is set up with these values; staffnum = 38; staffs[staffnum].name = "Dave"; staffs[staffnum].description = "Description: Dave is cool"; staffs[staffnum].title = "Title: Dave's Title" staffs[staffnum].image = "Images/TinyPNG/Dave.png"; staffs[staffnum].department = "Dave's Tech" staffs[staffnum].position.x = 23.3; staffs[staffnum].position.z = -0.2; staffs[staffnum].position.y = 5.65; staffs[staffnum].isPickable = true; staffs[staffnum].size = 3; I currently run through the array and can pull the data values for .description and so on... with a mouse click, so when you click a sprite it opens a modal box in html over the top of the canvas with that image and the values pulled through and displayed, then you can close the box and return to canvas. The task I am trying to accomplish, is when my mouse cursor is hovering over someone, i want to display there .name and .title value that's being created in my js file through and display above the cursor so you can see who you are hovering over basically. I currently cannot find a way of completing this task, if anyone could make a simple playground, code pen, whatever platform with a small demo of this in affect that I could use to understand and then apply to my work? My build is seperated into multiple files currently so making a babylon playground isnt possible, but if need be i can provide a link to my build folder for download, THANKSSSS Mezz
  4. @Wingnut - My build folder hosted in Google Drive
  5. I wouldn't say that, I can't work out how to get this working, i don't know what i need to put in the function to get the mouse hover to display the text value of the examples in the function currently if you have any advice? spriteManagerstaffs.actionManager.registerAction(new BABYLON.ExecuteCodeAction(BABYLON.ActionManager.OnPickUpTrigger, function () { staffs[staffnum].name; staffs[staffnum].title; }));
  6. Im using 40 Sprites in my build i load them in as an array and use loops to call through the array list and then in my html set data teams for buttons and other features so on click you can pull through any values stored within the array, and only have to load in one function for the mouse pointer over and clickable area, i can send you my build folder if you wanted to see @Wingnut
  7. Ive got the set as pickable true and have my wierd sprite manager so overlapping sprites is no longer an issue, now i have some things to play with and try to get working! Thanks to you both!
  8. Hey everyone! I wanted to get a bit of help getting a function working whereby when I hover my mouse over character sprites it will show a there name and title just above the mouse position for each different sprite, I'm unsure if I need to look at going down the route of a mouse hover/mouse over function or i need to create an event listener. If anyone could make a demo that I could play with and learn from or something that would be perfect! Thanks guys! Mezz
  9. So I found a nifty wow around it, now on sprite click it opens a modal box in html over the top of the canvas which has the high-res image of the sprite and the information, then when you click the cross it goes back to the canvas and babylon build - It works quite nicely atm! Can't wait to share the finished project @Wingnut im gonna be after those useful tips for improving the build before release!
  10. Hey Guys! I have a question! I wanted to know if there is a way that when you click on a sprite can you set the css value for display to none for all other sprites - so essentially, when one sprite is clicked(chosen) all others display:none the chosen is set to display:block. I'm going for the effect of click on one character and it hides the others so you see your selected character and there bio(name, description etc...) appears next to them as display: block whereas all others are display: none. I am struggling as I can't call the sprite elements within the canvas by flat css - so was wandering if and how it is possible to achieve my hoped functionality! This might be something for you @Wingnut? Thankss! Mezz out!
  11. I think its really buggy on the playground is the issue, im not working from playground im working locally and all works!!
  12. This was my fix
  13. Have a look at this = My current progress with the build! Managed to get the transparent click working! I am now looking how to position the text display on the screen as well as hiding the others from view when any one person is clicked and all return when they are clicked again
  14. I have a row of sprites I want to be able to click on each and when I do it hides all others zooms on the one clicked and displayed all there text by there side so name, description so on so on, if that helps!