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  1. I know the Dark Rook but it is not exactly an example of what i want to make. But it has no graphic true I know exactly what you mean aiming for popularity or passion. Tbh i hate most of html5 games, most are made just for money, they got no "soul" if you know what i mean If i managed to get better and create games i would always make them with passion. Still even if i was a hobbyist i would like at least some people to enjoy my game I was thinking about a deep story and big world to explore and this would take a lot of time to create, it would be terrible to spent 100s of hours and s
  2. Hello, I was thinking about making a text based game. A hybrid of classics like Zork or Hobbit and point and click games. You would get a description of world in text and stuff that you could interact with would be underlined (or something else) and after clicking on it you would get a list of possible actions - i am not a fan of typing hundreds of possible actions and objects i would prefer to add more useless objects (so it wouldn't be too easy and straight forward) into game but with clear possible actions. In my opinion you can express yourself and your ideas better in a text than
  3. good job movement feel strange but game play is ok
  4. very pleasant game, and for mobile. Cool
  5. Thank you very much for nice words It is always very motivational for further work! I hope to show you my new game soon Best Regards!
  6. Hi everyone! I have just finished my first game They said to start small and basic so I did Feel free to comment and send your opinions. Try to best your score and rate if possible. http://www.kongregate.com/games/MissionMmorpg/dreams-defender Now it is a time for something better Best Regards!
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