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  1. @DeltaKosh and @aWeirdo thanks for the responses. Yes, sure, ideally all anims/meshes would have the same Bind Pose at export but we're trying to work with some existing data for a game. They've got a custom engine and they support more flexibility in terms of bind pose control and this is how their data is structured. Getting these changed is not an option (too much data) so we're trying to make things work as-is. Pose Matrix: A single pose matrix for the mesh won't ever be enough - what we would need is a pose matrix for each bone in the skeleton to allow more control. Currently, we're just trialing solutions to allow us to bring existing game content to the Web. These (and other) tests have simply involved using FBXExporter command line to convert source game files to .babylon files. However, we already know we're going to have to move to proprietary loading of asset files since the model/anim/material/shader setup is so very specific, existing pipelines won't be able to cope. As things stand, we've already started this proprietary loading pipeline so the importance of getting the default pipeline working isn't that high any more. Thanks, Roc
  2. @Deltakosh well, yes, that's kinda what I was referring to with the initial post. However, what I'd like to be able to do is to take the Pose transforms from the animation and apply them to the Skinned Mesh (replacing the Pose transforms in that) so that they animate in tune with what the animation intended. Is that possible, somehow? Thanks, Roc
  3. Here you go: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#QM3AAE Many thanks for looking into this. Roc
  4. Hi Deltakosh, Thanks for the response. As far as I can tell, this made no difference and it has behaved as it did before. I've zipped up an archive of minimal assets that demonstrates the problem. Totally understand if you've not got any time to look but, if you have, that would be most awesome. Thanks, Roc BabylonJS_Test.zip
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to do something like this: Load a .babylon scene using SceneLoader.Load. This scene has a skinned mesh and an idle animation. Then, I want to load a second .babylon file using SceneLoader.ImportMesh. This file has multiple LODs so I only want one of them (hence the ImportMesh) and has no animation. The mesh is also skinned using the same number of bones as the first. When I load this, I replace the Skeleton on the imported mesh with the one from the main scene so that it animates. However, here's the rub. The first frame of the idle animation has the arms down by the side of the character but the second skin has the arms in the typical T-Pose. When it's animating, the arms are adjusted but relative to the T-Pose and not the first frame of the anim. I *think* this is because something isn't correctly getting configured for the skin bind pose. I've tried all sorts of things to correct the problem so if anyone has any ideas or insight, it would be most welcome! Thanks, Roc