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  1. Thanks for the reply!! The plan for the video is to be interactive with the ability to zoom in and out and pan to each video or see it as a whole for my film project. If i was to make some sprites would they be in this case each individual video and have a camera that would move about the scene?
  2. This is an extension of post : After hitting play on demo : and move the mouse you can see different screens and with up and down arrows zoom in and out but I am confused as how I can set the mouse so it doesnt go further past the video's bounds. I am wondering if anyone can take a look at my code and suggest any optimisations that can be done to make the playback better
  3. The .mp4 video is saved locally. I am developing this using Cloud9 IDE so it would work with this link or ive attached the file in question to this post vid2.mp4
  4. - is my code so far I am wondering is there a way that would cause less lag when the mouse moves left, right, up, down, etc . Also is there a where that when the mouse goes out side of the canvas to keep on panning to show the whole video
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    Mouse as camera

    I am a newbie building an application similar to the video in this link : I have a video which contains 5 smaller videos is being displayed on the canvas at dimension (3840, 2160) which looks like (image below) and is set to view the middle video. I am struggling with navigation as i'd like to make the camera follow the mouse and with panning and zooming displaying all or one video at a time. Is it wise to have one large video file or have each video split up? I am not really sure the best way to tackle this and any help will do