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  1. This is an impressive game, and fun to play. Good job.
  2. Hi everyone. I'd like to present Astro Ballz, a space themed breakout game featuring gravity and pinball physics. It's a fast paced game with colorful graphics, cool sounds and music, and lots of levels. Please check it out. INSTRUCTIONS: Playing is easy - position the flying saucer paddle with your mouse (or finger). Smash the astroballz above with the spinning metal ball. Catch any bonuses that fall. Do it fast enough and you can get 3 stars. Restart or replay each level as often as you like. GAME FEATURES: Many levels feature moving and rotating astroballz. There are also exploding suns, teleporting jumpgates, and indestructible asteroids. Each level is different, and they get harder as you progress. There are 160 levels in all. PLAY HERE: http://pixiedustcatbox.likesyou.org/astro_ballz.html Feedback is welcome. Developed with Phaser2. Music by Eric Matyas. AstroBallz was designed to work well on mobile as well as desktop.
  3. A great idea done well. It's very fun to play. Good job.
  4. Hello everyone. I'd like to introduce Cubxer, a cube stacking match-3 puzzle game. Please check it out at the link below. GAME FEATURES: Beautiful 3D modeled graphics and animations, cool music and voice effects, and endless ever-challenging levels. Works well on both desktop and mobile. HOW TO PLAY: At each turn you control a dropping column of colored cubes. You can move and reorder the column using either the mouse or keyboard: LEFT/RIGHT-A/D keys or left/right swipe to move cubes left/right UP-W key or up swipe to reorder cubes DOWN-S key or down swipe to move down fast Make color matches with cubes at the bottom. Matches are made when 3 or more colors line up vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Make enough matches and you advance to the next level. Let the cubes stack to the top and the game is over. Try to match as many cubes as possible each turn. PLAY AT: http://pixiedustcatbox.likesyou.org/cubxer.html Feedback is greatly appreciated. Developed with Phaser. Music by Eric Matyas.
  5. Introducing Mondo Hop, a bouncing side-scrolling platformer. Please try it out. GAME FEATURES: Addictive quick-paced gameplay, beautiful 3d modeled graphics, original sounds and music, and smooth performance on both mobile and desktop. TO PLAY: Use the bottom on-screen buttons or the arrow keys to move. Bounce from platform to platform (some of which are moving) without falling. Jump on the springs for a boost. Make it to the end before time runs out and try to collect all the coins along the way. There are 64 progressively harder levels in all. PLAY AT: http://pixiedustcatbox.likesyou.org/mondo_hop.html All feedback is welcome. Developed with Phaser.