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  1. @Umz I just made the graphics in Photoshop. I'm not a great artist which is why I chose pixel art Thanks for the suggestion and I'm glad to see that the extra server is helping. Noticing that quite a few players are from that region.
  2. @Umz So I have released a new update just now and created a new server in Germany. If possible, could you try going to and you'll see a ping/latency counter below the play button. If you don't mind telling me what it reads that would be super helpful! Thank you.
  3. Hey there, thanks for the feedback! There is a gif on the menu screen to give you an idea of how to play but maybe I'll work on that a little. Considering the jumpiness, I'm trying to figure that out but I do believe it's some sort of network issue since I am not seeing it. It could also be due to the server's being in the central United States and you are in the UK. I'll try to work it out regardless. Your time is greatly appreciated
  4. Hello, Gamers/Game Devs! I hope you all are having a wonderful day. I'd like to share with you a game I have been working on. Before 'publishing' it, I would like your feedback and any constructive ideas and suggestions you may have. Please either leave a comment or submit on the menu screen using the "Feedback/Bugs" button. Thank you to everyone who helps a fellow developer out! The URL is http://skrrt.ioAt the moment, there are no known bugs, so if you encounter un-excepted behavior please notify me and if possible, attach a screenshotPlease note: The game is multiplayer (each server can hold 50 players), however since it is still in testing phase there are also a few bots that will be there when others aren't.