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  1. Hi Bob Zhang, We are working on the enhancements described above. Will let you know once done.
  2. Indeed, v1.2.31 introduced a critical bug regarding ids. Fixed in v1.2.32. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks again for reporting the issue!
  3. Hi alvov, Exporter developer here. 1) and 2) are undesired behaviours and have been fixed in new version 1.2.31 3) When merging files, the name of the resulting file is created dynamically. Before it was referring to the material name. Some times ago the material export has been optimized. Two materials having same textures would use same merged textures. Thus we shifted to using texture names for the merged texture. I don't see why it would be updated soon but we can't ensure it won't either. If it does, we will make sure to keep retro compatibility, at least via an option somewhere. Thanks for your feedbacks!
  4. I guess you've already tested it but the simpliest solution is the correct one. Use a single unwrapUVW for your 2 maps and specify some tiling for the bump map. This, using one of the latest exporter as you do now, results in a glTF using the KHR_texture_transform extension. This extension introduces the tiling property which is not core to glTF specs. Babylon glTF loader does read this extension but the Threejs one does not, at least by default. Here are 3ds max exporter general and gltf documentations. Enjoy your reading !
  5. Hi PixelPush, How to install here. Current version is 1.2.25. The gltf option did change the project structure for the developpers (people who create the exporter) but as a user you just need to download the .zip containing the .dlls If you have any question, feel free to ask Noalak
  6. Which version of the exporter are you using ? The babylon scene properties contains an option to not export a default light.
  7. Why do you need 2 different unwrap ? To be honest i don't understand what you are willing to achieve. There is tiling of 30 in the bump texture, is it intended ? Threejs viewer does not support the KHR_texture_transform extension, but the Babylon sandbox does Noalak
  8. Hi igargi, Have you tried to remove the following line ? Noalak
  9. Hi Kenny, Can you share a repro scene regarding the 2 maps issue ? Good idea for the default light option! Noalak
  10. Hi, Thanks for pointing that out! Updating Maya exporter docs. You were talking about a .babylon file being exported from Maya right ? Babylon FBX loader does not exist yet, but OBJ does! Noalak
  11. Hi HoratioHuffnagel, Indeed currently the exporter only supports one blend shape deformer per mesh. A Maya blend shape deforrmer is actually an exact copy of a Babylon morph target manager. And a mesh in Babylon can't have multiple morph target managers. We didn't focus on the multiple blend shape deformers case because we weren't sure of the usecases of such feature. So here are some questions: Are you using multiple blend shapes deformers only for clarity during creation/edition process ? From the result POV, is it the same as having a single blend shape deformer listing all targets ? If so, it is possible for you to do modify multiple attributes by listing all targets (example: mouth_1, mouth_2, mouth_3, eyes_1, eyes_2, eyes_3...) and adjusting weights accordingly.
  12. @Todd Durant Hi, an issue is opened about this on github. Sadly we don't have an explanation yet and we can't reproduce the installation problem.
  13. About specular textures becoming jpg, the specular level texture is not meant to be directly used as specular color texture by Babylon. The reason for this is that the specular level texture is a grayscale, only giving a single value (intensity) for each pixel. The specular color texture exported (used by Babylon) is a combinaison of the specular level texture and a color, either given globally or via a texture. The result is a colored texture taking into account the level/intensity of the specular. In your case, you provide a specular level texture and a global specular color. The exporter computes a new texture being the combinaison of them. This texture is exported as jpg. If you want to have full control of the final specular color texture used by Babylon, you can perform the combinaison of level and color manually and set the texture in the specular color channel. Do not provide any specular level texture. About the yellow warning regarding channels, Babylon only supports up to 2 channels per texture. To remove the warning, set texture "Map Channel" to 1 or 2. You have the warning now and not before because the specular level texture is now used.
  14. I will check that tomorrow then. Which exporter version were you using before ?
  15. Sounds like an issue with normals. Are the faces of the trees black in the 3ds max viewport ? Can you share a repro scene ? I guess not, then try to apply the material you use for trees on a new box in order to check if it's a material issue. As a workaround, if your objects are not animated you can apply a ResetXForm on them. It often solves a lot of issues :)