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  1. A friend of mine and I have been working on this game for a few months now. It's a top down, tower defense game that has been prototyped out, and manages player progression. Story: You stole an artifact from a highly evolved society and fled to space. You crash land on this planet that has only progressed to middle age level tech. Waves of ships from the home planet are in pursuit. Survive as long as you can. Every wave gets progressively harder and introduces new enemies. Every 5 waves a boss will spawn. After defeating the boss, the Shop Merchant opens the house door and allows you to enter. While in the shop you can purchase mercenaries, additional towers, player upgrades, weapon upgrades, and access to the Dungeon(in development)! A lot of this is actively in development (when we get free time) and open anyone who wants to be a part of it. Would be interested in making it opensource if anyone else wants to help out. Mercenaries: Melee Merc: Charges towards the nearest enemy and damages them with his mighty sword (in development and op atm). High Health Healing Merc: Heals the player and nearby mercs when damaged. Ranger Merc: Good all around support merc. Carries a Rifle and mid range health. Weapons: Will be progressively unlocked as player level increases. Currently all are available all the time (dev mode) Pistol: single fire, mid damage, short range Rocket: single fire, high damage, AOE damage, mid range Assault Rifle: High fire rate, mid damage, long range. Laser: High damage, penetration, slow fire rate. Upgraded Laser: High Damage, Penetration, high fire rate. Enemies: Melee Enemy: Does significant damage when close to player. Low health Shotgun Enemy: high damage, close range, mid health Rifle Enemy: mid damage, high fire rate, mid health Boss: Progressively harder with player level and wave. Weapons change as player gets higher level Turrets: Just added. Have preset locations. 4 Modes for turrets that currently evolve with the player level. Want to make them paid unlocks. Pistol AOE: Shoots a pistol shot in all 360 degrees Laser: Pew Pew Beam: Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Roadmap: Dungeon bosses with progression More assets Additional levels Tower Placement Night mode with flashlight effect (already developed just buggy) Multiplayer (have our server built with Socket.io in place) ? Tech Stack: Javascript Node.js Phaser A* Tiled Texture Packer Trying to track down the person who made the sprite asset for credit. Let us know what you think. Code Below: https://github.com/FacesDev/Top-Down-Shooter To play: NPM Install NPM start localhost:7000/ Game play directions in "Controls"
  2. Contrary to the name, I am finding Easystar.js to be intensely not-easy. I have created a tilemap in Tiled with: base, collision, and foreground layers. The collision layer consists of two tiles, a walkable (6669) and a non-walkable(540). I have set up easystar in my create and update loop as described in the docs (see below) but constantly get either "The path to the destination point was not found", or "Your start or end point is outside the scope of your grid.". current code: var level = map.layers[1].data; easystar = new EasyStar.js(); easystar.setGrid(level); easystar.setAcceptableTiles([6669]); easystar.enableDiagonals(); easystar.enableCornerCutting(); easystar.findPath(player.x, player.y, 0, 0, function (path) { console.log("HERE") if (path === null) { console.log("The path to the destination point was not found."); } else { for (var i = 0; i < path.length; i++) { console.log("P: " + i + ", X: " + path.x + ",Y: " + path.y); } } }); I have looked at just about every example, dissected every bit of code I can, and read every doc I can find on the subject matter but cant seem to make any headway. Does anyone have any experience using easystar.js or pathfinding.js?
  3. Im currently in the process of developing a top down tower defense shooter. My question is how would you guys go about having a player click a something (seems a button would be prudent) which would select the appropriate tower (a sprite) and maybe on mousePointer.isDown place the sprite at that location. I am not new to programming, but a bit new to phaser. After a thorough read of the docs and examples provided online, this is the area I am struggling to figure out. Once the sprite is in game its gg. But allowing the player to place it is the issue I am having. Thanks in advance!