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  1. Yes, These are use babylonjs to do shader. You can use rotate camera to see this. About the sprites this is for 2D animation but not use babylonjs
  2. Please visit my website Wave simulator WAVE INTERFERENCE
  3. Hi! Is there a way that a mesh can have multi-animations and programmer can call any animation by name at any time? Thanks
  4. Hi Deltakosh! Thanks for your reply but can you explain more in detail.
  5. Hi! My .babylons files is quite big so the playground not allow to save. So please see the .babylons file in this post: - ken_box2.babylon (no bone and animation playing is correct). This can run auto direct on - ken_box.babylon (has bone but animation playing is wrong - compare bones positions with above meshes positions). Cannot run auto on sandbox so add this lines in function BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load scene.beginAnimation(_scene.skeletons[0].bones[0], 0, 300, false, 1); scene.beginAnimation(_scene.skeletons[0].bones[1], 0, 300, false, 1); scene.beginAnimation(_scene.skeletons[0].bones[2], 0, 300, false, 1); Both files have the same X, Y, Z and Animations (the only difference is replace meshes <-> bones) I want correct the has-bone file. Help me please! Thanks! ken_box.babylon ken_box2.babylon
  6. Hi all! Please tell me what is Difference between position, rotationQuaternion of mesh and bone. Because when I apply same position and rotationQuaternion animations to same hierarchy parent-child meshes vs bones I get difference results - (bone-animations result seem wrong). How to correct bone-animations? Thanks
  7. Hi developer! When I use FBXExporter to convert .fbx to .babylon I find out the error that if .fbx file do not have animations the FBXExporter will crash. Please fix this error or add option that allow not import animations to avoid this error. Thanks By the way the compiled file not available any more ( Please put this back
  8. Hi All! The BABYLON.Debug.SkeletonViewer help to view skeleton in array of lines. So can we create the bone from 2 points to build skeleton?
  9. Thanks brianzinn! Behind the curtain Vectorize-library generate the vector polygons (with holes) from the image data of a canvas, I have just build the 3D polygon from BABYLON.PolygonMeshBuilder. So in fact it can generate polygons from any black & white (or color with some tricks) canvas content.
  10. Hi Deltakosh! I am so glad to hearing that 3d text can be a official extension. But I a newbie so do not know how to make this as extension have you got any guild lines? By the way It is funny but true that Browerify not bundle .js files as the library (I mean other js code can call function from bundled) . So I will find out the way. Thanks.
  11. How to make these fantastic effect in Babylonjs (show in this picture) 1. Sword air blade (red color) 2. Slow sword and leafs motion 3. Leafs fall Thanks!
  12. Thanks JohnK! I added your magic line of code hole.reverse(); // ADD THIS HERE and it work like a charm. I also add the thickness option. Thanks again! Hi jerome! It seem hard work to use directly the data from the font design file because javascript not render the text it self but the host OS do this (not for sure). But I know the good source to dig is Cairo. The download button has added so please play the result with Babylonjs Sandbox. Thanks for your download feature suggestion!
  13. I have just build 3D Text meshes in Babylonjs with the help of Vectorize-text. Please visit website to play and see the source code. ... but the 3D Text meshes still not correct at the holes, some one can help please???