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  1. Yeah no one likes deadlines, they are a pain-in-the-butt just like flying Zero-G vehicles Thank you, sir .
  2. There's too much to learn, I've only started about a month ago so practice makes perfect! Unfortunately, the project's almost due in a few days so we'll not have enough time to play around and try everything. But I will definitely be learning more on my own. The parenting-together idea to generate a single body actually sounds interesting, I'd like to try that sometime. Looks like I cannot open your flying bobsled at all getting this: "Line 10987:29 - this._gl.createQuery is not a function".
  3. Nah that's great information . Maybe I will leave those models, after all it'll be a waste of time. We'll probably try to enhance those basic concepts and add some ideas to create another game without those models. Again, I thank you for the time you took to reply and help, Wingnut. Really great forum!
  4. Yes , I figured that out. But it was actually my fault because I did not clearly explain my problem at first so no need to be sorry :). However, please if you have any idea on how to get it working I would be really grateful. We're finished with almost everything in the game and left with the most important part, the gameplay itself. EDIT: actually they're supposed to be half pipes or with different angles , here's the game we're clonig (it's a university project nothing serious :D). Sadly, I've tried mesh imposters with those half pipes but no luck at all. But yeah , this is getting really depressing not working as we intended. I guess I'll try other ideas without using those cylinders or even figuring out a different way to move the ball inside. We'll figure something out! Thank you for the quick replies Wingnut . a youtube video if you'd like to check the original game:
  5. Thank you for replying and welcoming me here! Since posting my question, I have played around with Blender and its options on my cylinder but sadly the only thing I've been able to acheive is to enable the checkCollisions option in Blender like JCPalmer mentioned. This option allowed for non physics contact between a Babylon sphere and the cylinder. But the problem is, it's required to apply physics on both the sphere and the imported model (the game is about rolling the ball while moving forward when the cylinder rotates about its pivot point. It's basicly a clone of a mobile game called "Tricky Trip"). I can't seem to be able to apply physics on the cylinder, have tried all imposters in the cannon engine, sometimes the sphere rests at the center of the cylinder(probably where its center is in Blender) and sometimes it just goes through the cylinder like it's not there. Tried adding rigid body collisions with different settings but nothing does the job of just rolling the ball over the cylinder or even inside it when they are in contact together. Here is a github link with a sample I've made to show you guys the problem, everything you need is in the folder. It may end up being a silly problem but I've spent days trying to get the physics working and without physics I think the game idea would be useless. Thank you again! Github link:
  6. Hello! I created a simple semi cylinder on Blender and imported it inside my game but for some reason the .checkCollisions of the model is not working. It is set to true , and the free camera's .checkCollisions is also set to true but the camera can still go through the model. I've tried with babylon meshes and checkCollisions is working fine. I even enabled collisions in the physics tab in Blender but nothing seems to be working. I am guessing the problem is with the model itself. But any thoughts on why it's not working? I attached the model here if you need to check it. Help would be really appreciated. cylinder1.blend