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  1. @gryff Yes it worked Thank you very much, I'm really thankful, I appreciate it Have a nice vacation
  2. Hi JCPalmer, Thanks for your reply, If I understand you correctly I don't intend or mean to violate the copyrights of the model I'm just using it for training purposes, and I'm not intending to release any free or commercial products with it, however the credit goes to https://wyvern.log/users/clint-bellanger and Justin Nichol for creating it. I don't know the correct term of what has exactly happened as I'm newbie to blender and I don't know that much about 3D models and graphics, So I don't really know if the exporter changed the model or what. I also updated blender to the current release and the problem is still present. I saw at the constraint property page and it has constraint for the armature. I attached the log file wyvern.log
  3. Hi all, I have a problem when I try to export a model that I downloaded from the web, using blender to babylon exporter as the model seems to lose it's skeleton, I don't know the correct term for that so I'm sorry but it seems like it just puts the texture on it, the animation is working but I don't know what did happen when I tried to export it to babylon, Also I don't know anything in blender except the process of exporting the model into babylon so any guide or help would be very much appreciated. I attached the model before and after exporting it in blender and when I used it in babylon. Thanks in advance