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  1. Manecz

    Need Help

    Thanks samid737 you are the best!
  2. Manecz

    Need Help

    That's correct! Thanks! One more question, do you know how can I draw a line instead of having the the walls body?
  3. Manecz

    Need Help

    Thanks a lot. The examples are well demonstrated. Im trying use catmullRomInterpolation, with some random points generated. Here a simple example function generatePoints(vertices, maxX, maxY){ //min 2 vertices var points = {'x':[], 'y':[]}; var previousY = 0; for(j = 1; j < vertices*3; j++){ if((j%2) === 0){ points.x.push(Math.floor((Math.random() * 3) + 1)*50); } else{ points.x.push(Math.floor((Math.random() * 20) + 0)); if(previousY <= maxY){ points.y.push(Math.round(previousY)); previousY += maxY/vertices; } } } return points; } than I pass that points to catmullRomInterpolation, but when Im trying to use drawPoly I cant figure how why it doesnt create nothing.
  4. Manecz

    Need Help

    Hi guys, need some help. Im working on a game that I need to create (generate randomly two side walls) with collision detection, but I dont know what kind of approach do I need for such thing. Any help please?