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  1. Nice to meet you ivan, I started my 3D journey in Pixi.js with your pixi-projection plugin at first, Spirte2d (cannot easily tuned the vanishing point to make the illusion of 3D, when the camera is moving), then I build up my perspective projection engine and using Sprite2s for render the result (but some how there is some issue unwanted, I think this is also related to the texture mapping, please see https://youtu.be/nOapS5ThAaI, the border in white enlarge non-realistic as the quad stretch too large when near the camera). So that I want to start s ome approach to fix it, but as you said
  2. I have opened the same question on stackoverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47342853/perspective-correct-texture-mapping-in-pixi-js My purpose is making a simple 3d engine with 2D sprite (I choose Pixi.js this time as I can control the vertices of sprite arbitrarily), but I cannot understand how to map the texture to a perspective projected quad correctly. texture: https://imgur.com/Z5xDL8V I am using the PIXI.mesh.Plane for the quad, if the subdivision is low var verticesX = 2, verticesY = 2; this.field = new PIXI.mesh.Plane(resources['palette'].texture, verticesX , v
  3. I also found out that issue, the reason seems that the pre-built version in GIT is out-of-sync with the source code, please rebuild using grunt again, you can listen the events in the World object, hope this will help
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