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  1. I just played this the xbox 360 controller. But what exactly is the hook for?
  2. Works now. Interesting concept, almost RTS-ish. Probably would be more fun if I actually a player 2 to play against.
  3. ra51

    Loud Rider

    Cool game, however it did bother me on how i had to use the mouse to click which level i want to try whereas everything else i could just use the keyboard.
  4. Ok, got it working now thanks. Just thought there was already built in way of doing it that i'm not seeing .
  5. I bet Rich is going to be a bit surprised on how Flixel Powertools can actually be brought up in an HTML5 forum . But to clarify, i am using Monkey to build and HTML5 app with the Flixel modules (including photonstorm's Flixelpower Tools). So anyways, i'm using the FlxWeapon library and trying to detect a collision between the bullet itself and the bullet boundaries but there doesn't seem to be a way for doing this. For example, i would like the bullet to "explode" instead of just disappearing when it hits the boundary. Is there anyway to actually do this?
  6. ra51

    Pixi.js has landed

    Nice, i was about to ask when this was being release . Gonna give it a go..
  7. Thanks guys, hope it wasn't too hard on ya .
  8. Hey folks, here's a game me and buddy worked on last year. It was our first HTML5 game built using the Contruct 2 engine (a way older version from what it is today). It's still quite buggy and not as complete as we wanted it to be. And the sprites and other gfx aren't quite as consistent as we wanted it to be. However, i do plan on rewriting it using Monkey pretty soon. Basically a fast pace retro platform shooter. The goal is to acquire all the spinning "tesseract cubes" to progress to the next level. Killing an enemy may yield a fruit. Collect 10 fruits to unlock a new gun weapon. Try not to die. If you die, you will lose all your fruits and cubes but you will respawn to try again. But don't worry...its normal to die many...many...many times. The game is a bit tough, even for me. There have been a few badasses from New Zealand, and Korea who've somehow managed to beat all 5 levels. Good luck! BTW, this is web browser only game, will not work on any mobile devices! And use Google Chrome for best performance. Controls : AWSD - move E - change weapons Left Mouse Button - shoot Right Mouse Button - jump Play it here : Normal Version Full Screen Version (if your system can handle it)
  9. ra51

    Chaotic Cubes

    Nicely done . I like the minimalism feel to it.
  10. +1 for cocoonjs. I just ran a test using a simple HTML5 platform game I threw together using Construct 2, and exporting it out to cocoonjs. On IOS, the results were incredible (60fps solid) but Android kinda staggered a bit. Needless to say, I would definitely take a closer look at cocoonjs. On the note of using different tools for HTML5 games, there are numerous tool sets that can get the job done without you having to do heavy coding (not to mention these also export out to other platforms besides Html5 ) to consider : - Construct 2 (event driven style development) - GameMaker (all around game design package) - MMF2 (basically drag and drop, but very powerful) - GameSalad (also drag and drop) - Stencyl (kinda like GameMaker and Construct 2)
  11. ra51

    Pixi.js has landed

    Nice. I should mention that the game demo works surprisingly well on my iPad 3 and Nexus 7. I'm intrigued...
  12. I would also recommend Monkey, especially if you are coder. One of the main benefits is all the platforms you can export your game to native code (including HTML5) without having to re-code everything all over each time. It's my definite "engine" of choice right now considering its functionality, although its not really an engine but basically a language all on its own. As far as the game engines itself, there are many framework modules to available for you to choose from. I'm currently using the Monkey Flixel framework right now since Flixel is one of the popular flash engines for platform type games (Canabalt anyone?). Definitely worth checking out. The Monkey language itself is easy and lightweight, and very familiar to those coming from a C#/Java background. Not to mention extensible (yep, you can easily hook in native code also). The free version already allows for exporting to HTML5.