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  1. Hi Samme, Thank you for looking into it, I was thinking that resolution was used for device pixel ratio, but I also found the same positioning problem with the inputs debug, they are drawn as if the world was in resolution 1. I finally found a solution, I keep the resolution to 1 and set scaleMode to USER_SCALE and set the user scale to 0.5 (would be 1/devicePixelRatio for other devices) this.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.USER_SCALE; this.game.scale.setUserScale(0.5);
  2. Hi Phaser community, It is my first project with Phaser, I am struggling with devicePixelRatio and physics (arcade) body on ipad. When I set the Phaser.Game resolution to 2 (iPad pixel ratio) my sprites are resizing correctly, but the bodies are still positioned as if the resolution was 1. So the body are not positioned on sprites. Does this ring anyone's bell ? How could I match the body position with the sprite position ? Thank you