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  1. Hi @MackeyK24 I did not understand how you got that result . Ok, the hdr has a counterclockwise rotation of 90 degrees, but it is decidedly better than what I was able to export ! Did you get it with the EditorToolkit?
  2. Thanks for your answer @MackeyK24, The settings in unity lighting panel are the default settings, where the lighting is taken from the cubemap (hdr) with intensity one. I have several projects / scenes of unity to be converted into BJS and I'm trying to figure out how this conversion should be done to get the same result, in particular as regards the graphic rendering. This is the scene package used for the screenshots above: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ce5q4r13na5j8b/motore_1.unitypackage?dl=0
  3. I tried the latest version of the toolkit, but there must be something wrong. The materials in source scene are all with standard shader with albedo texture, bumpTexture and metallicTexture, no light in scene only HDR. In BJS the materials seem to have no metallicity and the objects in the scene are much darker. How i can fix this?
  4. I also made a try for crunch dds that seem to work. I changed the babylon core code (createTexture function in babylon.engine.ts) . @JCPalmer @DeltakoshThere is a better way?
  5. Thanks, @JCPalmer, that solution may be good in some cases but it is an aesthetic solution. With the async function the meshes are loaded as soon as they are processed and therefore there is a perception of higher loading speed , which was my goal. function sleep(ms) { return new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, ms)); } async function MeshManagerLoadMeshes(binaryBuffer) { while (binaryBuffer.offset < binaryBuffer.buffer.length) { <read and parse mesh> await sleep(1); } }
  6. if I wanted to add support for the pvr container, which is the best way to do it? I have already created a class similar to that for ktx (KhronosTextureContainer) that handles this type of container
  7. Thanks @JCPalmer and @JonhK Obviously I disabled the loading screen and started the rendering cycle, but the meshes were still displayed only once the whole file had been processed. Unfortunately it is not a .babylon file but a custom file that must be read sequentially. I solved the problem by using an async function with a wait function (Promise) of 1ms each cycle(mesh)
  8. Hello, I have to load a file composed of several concatenated mesh file. I need the meshes to be progressively displayed as soon as they are available , how can I do?
  9. The latest version of pvrtextool downloadable from the imagination site does not seem to have BC1 and BC2 as possible formats in the linux version. Has anyone generated the -dxt.ktx for BJS from linux?
  10. Hello, Is there a way to know if a loaded texture has the alpha channel? There is hasAlpha property in baseTexture but is always false.
  11. Thanks @JCPalmer, I've already used those very useful scripts. At this time I will do so
  12. Hello @ MackeyK24, ok for roughness value, but I think it's also necessary to invert (1-value) the alpha channel of the metallic gloss map (unity takes the values of that channel as smoothness), or I'm wrong? Could you add a property to the PBR material to also support smoothness in the alpha channel? then in the shader, if useSmoothnessFromMetallicTextureAlpha, reverse the value of the channel.
  13. Hello @JCPalmer I use pvr container for pvr file. PVR in ktx container works also for me, but I have a lot of PVR file (with PVR container) and I would like to find a way to use those instead of convert all texture files. The curious thing is that, in ios version 10, my pvr textures files were properly seen. Thanks for the fix for typo @Deltakosh
  14. Hello, I need to load .dds and .pvr texture (not in ktx container). I succesfully load a dds (DXT1) RGB texture. For DXT5 RGBA i think there is a bug in babylon.dds.ts line 140 isCompressed: (fourCC === FOURCC_DXT1 || fourCC === FOURCC_DXT3 || FOURCC_DXT1 === FOURCC_DXT5), instead of isCompressed: (fourCC === FOURCC_DXT1 || fourCC === FOURCC_DXT3 || fourCC === FOURCC_DXT5), I changed that line and now i can load also DXT5. For PVR file I could load them correctly on iOS up to version 10.3 , with the latest version 11 no longer works. Has anyone already solved the problem?
  15. Hello @Deltakosh, I'm trying to use metallic textures used in unity and related parameter glossmapscale. I dig into unity to babylon exporter code and I did not find where float glossmapscale parameter is used. Did I miss something?