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  1. Ohh I see, that completely makes sense. Thank you for the explanation.
  2. Going through the 101 tutorials on the docs, I just opened the one weighted animations example and I happened to open it on my phone. I got really poor performance considering the simplicity of the scene about ~36fps both on chrome and firefox I tried gradually removing elements from the scene, ui, weighted animations etc and I left just the imported model both lights and a basic floor. Even after that fps the scene runs at ~40fps. Then I found a really similar scene on threejs, same lighting (1 hemi, 1 directional), same model (or at least it looks the same), but it runs at butter smooth 60fps. Any ideas why this could be happening? Edit PS: tested on OnePlus5T
  3. With firefox on the same phone it looks fine. I'll try to debugging it property this weekend.
  4. Everything looks normal. No error messages or network issues... I noticed every single texture on each cube side is the same one. All textures are being downloaded but only one is being used.
  5. The skybox textures are not correctly displayed if I view it on my android phone. For reference: my phone is a One Plus 5T with Android 8 and Chrome 65.0.3325.109. I noticed it while trying to view my current little project on mobile ( I can confirm this happens with "3.2.0-beta.1" and "3.2.0-alpha7" and whatever the "default" version is autoselected on the playground. You can use the "tutorial" skybox playground to check it. I'm uploading an example image of what I mean. The side images are all switched.