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  1. @mattstylesthanks for all the advise. I think mixing renderers is a bit out of my league. I'm going to be hitting the ground running so 1 framework that covers most of the areas is what I'm going to end up looking for. If I had more time I would look at using a mix.
  2. Thanks everyone for their suggestions and advice I've been playing around with openFL/Haxe and can't really get my head around it too well Had a quick play with Phaser and have got a very basic prototype of one task done I'll have a look at Panda, as you say tho Phase is more popular so if I have any issue then there is a greater community to ask help from It will be option 2... while there are no plans to create anything new just yet, I'm sure once the conversion has been done new material will be wanted! I've tried using auto-conversion tools in the past (had my own AS2 games that I wanted to port) and they just don't work well. It was quicker and easier to learn Lua and write everything from scratch. I will have a look at React but I'm not certain of the suitability - a big chunk of our content relies on interactive text (both dynamic and input based) but we do also have educational games - so will have to look to see if its viable or not
  3. Thanks both of you for you replies. First off I must admit I have lied a little when I said I'm a designer that can code a little. Yes I am a designer but I know 4/5 different languages (PHP, Lua, C#, Actionscript, Lingo <- hats off to anyone that remembers that!!) So I'm not adverse to learning something new like Phaser. I'm a little bit reluctant to go with something like GameMaker or Construct as I don't want to be in the same position again if they decide to call it a day (much the same way as Adobe has with Flash and Actionscript). I've looked at Unity and while it doesn't need a plugin to work now in a browser (uses webGL now) the file size just for a basic file is pretty large. Our customer base are schools, so they don't have state of the art equipment or internet speed (another reason why flash worked well). In flash all our content modules were under 1mb in file size each, so the bloat from Unity and webGL is not really acceptable.
  4. Hi, I'm looking for some advise about with framework is the best way forward for me. I've been tasked by my boss to convert all our legacy AS2 flash interactive elearning content so that it runs within a browser (and on mobile devices) without the need of plugins. I've been researching and come up with a shortlist of Phaser or OpenFL. The biggest issue for me is that I'm a Designer, that can code a little. So for me Flash was a perfect platform. I could design all my assets, layout everything how I wanted and then just add code. Our content isn't massively complex (the most basic is simple Math questions), but there is some complex stuff dealing with Algebraic Modelling and Quadratics, A big majority of our content relies on the user entering an answer into a input field and clicking a button to check if they have the answer correct. So the ability to be handle text (large amounts of it) is really important. Originally I had been looking at recreating everything with Animate CC using HTML5 Canvas, but input text isn't supported you have to use DOMElement to link a html input text field and then overlay it over the top - not a major issue if you only have 1 or 2, but unfortunately we have far more than this. So just looking for a bit of advise - don't want to make the wrong decision and have to rewrite everything a third time!! Thanks