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  1. Hi guys, Sorry for the mess,that was an image issue rather than babylon's .Noobie reloaded🤪 Thanks all.
  2. @jerome There is a typo in your answer yourTexture.hasAlpha=true; But setting to true not working for me.
  3. @PatrickRyan Thank you very much for explaining the solution in detail and for the tips about particle system.This is what i need.Thanks a lot.I have one question ,the images that i use for particles have alpha mask (obviously).But in game these alpha masks are visible .I tried different images but still result is same.Any clue regarding this? Screenshot attached.
  4. @Sebavan Thanks for that tip.Is there any way such that when the first box hits the third box,the same particle animation should run at third box's position. What i am doing is ,setting targetStopDuration to 1 and then on hitting third box i am calling particleSystem.start() again .But that's not working. Modified PG link below https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#5EGWMF#57. Thanks.
  5. Hi guys, A babylon noobie here ,I am trying to get a simple burst particle effect like this https://phaser.io/examples/v2/particles/click-burst. But sadly i could only do this much .https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#5EGWMF#51(on colliding with first cube ,i should get the effect like above link).There are so many params for particle system to tweak. Thanks.
  6. Hi guys, Is there any way to increase the line width of lineMesh?.
  7. Hi, There is a function shutdown() like create() function ,which is called when scene is over(ex you are moving to another scene) ,to kill and reset scene properties .Try that.
  8. @ssaket @dbawel @aWeirdo Thanks for your help.Finally i am able to see my model(after adjusting coordinates).I have one more doubt.The model i loaded have 4 mesh,So if i pass " " (empty string) as argument for meshNames then all meshes in model will be loaded ,can you point out any examples for grouping them to one or this parent-child relation should be done in blender itself.
  9. @dbawel please read my reply above you recent reply.I mean now the model is already there,but not visible
  10. Following the above topic,that issue is solved now.Now i can see the model info in debug UI,but cannot actually see the model(model attached) Skull.obj
  11. @dbawel https://gist.github.com/madclaws/1d0faab86095df1cf66c89106b9374fa above gist have the function for loading model.After loading assets i have to assign it to some variable for future use ,So i tried to access loadedMeshes[0].Here i tried to assign a position vector for the mesh.
  12. @dbawel Thanks for giving us a deep insight into OBJ and MTL.Right now i downloaded an OBJ model from internet and tried to load it.But There were no errors (got success callback).But loadedMeshes array is empty.Any idea?
  13. @ssaket I changed "..Assets/" to "Assets/" and now both Assets folder and index.html are in root.But still the same error,with minor change.(screenshot attached).😩
  14. @ssaket Thanks. https://gist.github.com/madclaws/53b75bef8931398def054b52bc522e59 Above is the gist for asset loading function.And do we need a .mtl file also? @aWeirdo I don't know what is this manifest file.I'm running code on web server(webpack).
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