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  1. You're probably right @mattstyles but even adding mini-signals to my include array still doesn't transpile it. For now I got it working by using the cdn versions of pixi. I'll keep digging for a better solution though. Thanks guys!
  2. In my project I am importing pixi as: import * as PIXI from 'pixi.js'; Should I be doing it differently to get non ES6? The only ES6 code is coming from the mini-signals dependency in pixi. There is no ES6 code anywhere else within the pixi.js bundle.
  3. Hey guys! I need to have my site working in Safari 9 and IE11 but I've noticed that there is ES6 code in the pixi.js bundle. Has anybody else encountered this? Looks like it's coming from the mini-signals dependency. I have tried adding pixi.js and mini-signals to my include config for babel-loader but it's still not being transpiled. Any ideas of a solution?
  4. Hello! I'm building a soccer keepie uppies game. I have many texture atlas' that make up the player and ball for my animations and some static images placed in the scene. There is also a score text in the top left corner. This all runs fine on desktop but on my iPhone 6s the fps is around the high 40's. If I remove the BitmapText then it's back up to 60fps. Even removing the player and ball and pretty much having only the score text in the scene I am noticing a hit in performance. Even if I don't update the score and have it just static at 0 points. I'm really
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