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  1. I on the other hand love Architectures, sometimes i can get stuck for hours just trying out different things just to try and get the fastest and smallest builds. But that does sometimes not go hand in hand with gettin a end result as after a certain point the gains are so small no one will ever notice πŸ˜‚ so I get you! will have a look at your links later πŸ‘πŸ»
  2. Its a good call that they will use the same workflow for both big and small. Will have a look at ECS and see what it’s all about
  3. Unity uploaded a talk on the new pipeline for the "Unity for small things"
  4. cool, added @True Valhalla and @toraleca πŸ¦„
  5. Haha you use the same laughter sound effect that the apps I play with my 2 year old son, was weird hearing the sound in this environment.
  6. Do you load the entire game data at once then so its cached and ready or you still lazy load in items when certain events trigger ( like switching level ) ?
  7. Nice game I liked it, sadly the game got stuck after I had become and ninja with completing the tutorial. Latest Safari MacOS Unhandled Promise Rejection: NotAllowedError (DOM Exception 35): The request is not allowed by the user agent or the platform in the current context, possibly because the user denied permission.
  8. No, no duplication all logic are in classes and are imported as needed. A scene in my head is a empty canvas where I add stuff, makes sense that all levels have there own scene as they use different tiles, different monsters, different events etc. If you use the same scene and clean it out or remove stuff between levels I guess thats ok to if you like that. That's a very opinionated answer about how game engines should handle logic, more handholding makes faster development in a smaller and stricter box. it also speeds up new developers added to the projected to become more effecti
  9. oh ok, I just assumed the engine would have helper methods for this more in the plug and play direction. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. I have considered many things and they would work I guess, but I wanted to know the standard Phaser 3 way to separate logic I assumed it would be something in the lines with: I have a class that extends some Phaser modules and / or that I would dependency inject some The class would now have it's own update/create/preload methods where I can put logic in I would import / add the player in to the scene and then they would run in the main update/create/preload.
  11. hey all, I have a question about separation of logic I hope someone can answer. simple scenario: I have a scene called "level1" and another one "level2", for obvious reasons I wouldn't want to write all the player logic in both of these ( jumping, animation, audio etc) What is the suggested way in Phaser 3 to pass in the player class in to let's say Level1? importing it? using the scene manager? Help is appreciated, thanks
  12. Also like to point out that the second demo took 4s - 5s~ to load, the main questions is: was that extra load time all from extra assets or did the core + modules grow a lot when they added things like sound
  13. 10KB code 72KB core and the rest was game assets so I would assume the bloated part is something the dev will control.
  14. just watched the keynote and I am kinda exited, I always loved the Unity platform but hated there giant builds. For anyone interested
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