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  1. Never heard of Hiberworld, nice site 👌
  2. Just want to highlight that Unity will bring some great changes for WebGL in there 2021.2 build. With greatly reduced WebGL builds some claim on the forum going from 2.4 Mb to 9 Mb And according to jukka_j: According to preliminary benchmarks, build sizes are shrunk by about ~-10%, build times are reduced by ~-40%, and memory usage is reduced by about ~-8%. They are also working on mobile support for WebGL builds.
  3. Hello all game devs out there it is so good to see you. I want to share a passion project that I started working on that is long over due from my side. I have been thinking and tinkering on this project for roughly 10 years but mostly in my mind. One is that I didn't believe the technology was there until now, and secondly I am a procrastinating black-belt master. So what is this idea I have that never comes to fruition? The website is called HTML2D, HTML2D will be a mixture of an HTML5 Arcade game site with the main core concept that the player keeps playing the same protagonist(s
  4. Congratulations on the 25th game.
  5. When I see post list this I really feel one is missing an oppertunity to talk about the game. What software did you use? How long did it take? What is your expected revenue? etc. Abinaya share some info 🙃
  6. Better depends on what metrics are important to you. Take a super simple game like Flappybird as it contain the most basic things like rendering, physics, looping, input etc and make it in Phaser and the PixiJS. PS. as @b10b suggested I also think you should explore making a game without a lib as then you know what the libraries offer. After you will have enough knowledge to asnwer the question.
  7. Well done, I also experimented with drawing the gameObjects as elements. It's nice to have all the standard web APIs at hand like CSS and standard DOM manipulation. What I diden't manage was that I coulden't make it run at a stable 60 fps with more then 300 elements animating at the same time. Looking forward to see more
  8. Polished 👌 what are your next move?
  9. Decent little game.
  10. If it runs fine on your "crappy outdated laptop" I would say that you should stick with p5. If you go down the performance route for no reason you will end up compiling c++ to wasm before you know it with no game insight. Making your first game will take a lot of time and learning - if you can skip out on learning a library as well that is a good thing. Pixi.js is as I understand a great library and it would for sure not let you down, but change the library after you make your first game if you still have the urge.
  11. Here are my answers 1. I have run plenty of websites before, even one Flash arcadesites, and I also know ecommerce as the back of my hand. But web gaming is a new frontier for me 😀 2. The web is free. With 15 years of dev time doing websites and applications it is a platform I love and hate at the same time. 3. If I think there is one person i think evolves the gaming world it's @TimSweeneyEpic 😅
  12. Thanks for sharing Eric, bookmarked the website. Keep on creating!
  13. Will try and join next year, really loved the entries for this years Gamejam
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