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  1. one of my way create a virtual on-screen keyboard(button) like this game
  2. Anyidea??? skill not work
  3. hi Sorry to say not....... only for real keyboard
  4. @Hosh Try this example, simple way to make player input his name Control: Keyboard: input you name Enter: Enter your name (only input number and alphabet ) game.module( 'game.main' ) .body(function() { game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { this.Name = []; this.InputField = new game.SystemText('Enter Name:'); this.InputField.size = 30; this.InputField.addTo(this.stage); this.YourName = new game.SystemText(''); this.YourName.position.y = 50; this.YourName.size = 30; this.YourName.color = 'yellow'; this.YourName.addTo(this.stage); }, keydown: function(key) { if(key === "BACKSPACE" || key === "DELETE"){ this.Name.pop(); }else if(key === "ENTER"){ this.YourName.text = "Your Name: " + this.Name.join(""); } else if(window.event.keyCode > 48 && window.event.keyCode <90){ this.Name.push(key); } this.InputField.text = this.Name.join(""); } }); }); Hope can help
  5. Hello , Are you planning to add online leaderboard or offline leaderboard??? about offline You can try localStorage to save the score. about online, you need to use server side programming languages if your game export to mobile device, you can integration Google play services hope can help
  6. Really Great Work, Thanks enpu
  7. @enpu Nice work, very surprised to see you back
  8. @Stephan @Wolfsbane Thank for comment😀😀😀 About is it better as a module?....... ask him is better 😀 @enpu
  9. Hello, I would like to add small update to the System Text in text.js in order to make it have New Lines like <br> and typewriter-effect like RPG dialogue. Demo. new game.SystemText('Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,\nconsectetuer adipiscing elit. Sed posuere interdum sem.\nQuisque ligula eros ullamcorper quis,\nlacinia quis facilisis sed sapien.\nMauris varius diam vitae arcu.\nSed arcu lectus auctor vitae,\nconsectetuer et venenatis eget velit.'); if the text includes "\n", it become line breaks like <br> and user enable typing_effect = true; the text have typewriter-effect like RPG dialogue. First, render\text.js Add typing_effect varable. game.createClass('SystemText', 'Container', { ... /** Enable typewriter-effect @default false **/ typing_effect: false, i: 1, ... Add the following code, when user type "\n", it can do line break effect var lines = this.text.split('\n'); //Check New Lines for (var i = 0; i<lines.length; i++){ context.fillText(lines, 0, (i*this.size) ); _renderCanvas: function(context) { var wt = this._worldTransform; var ths = this; context.globalAlpha = this._worldAlpha; context.setTransform(wt.a, wt.b, wt.c, wt.d, wt.tx * game.scale, (wt.ty + this.size) * game.scale); context.fillStyle = this.color; context.font = this.size * game.scale + 'px ' + this.font; context.textAlign = this.align; if(this.text == undefined){ context.fillText(this.text, 0, 0); }else{ if(this.typing_effect){ //Enable Typewriter-effect var lines = String(this.text.substr(0, this.i)).split('\n'); if(this.i <= this.text.length){ this.i++; } }else{ var lines = this.text.split('\n'); //Check the text include '/n' } for (var i = 0; i<lines.length; i++){ context.fillText(lines[i], 0, (i*this.size) ); } } } Main.js Enable typing_effect this.text.typing_effect = true; game.module( 'game.main' ) .body(function() { game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { var ths = this; this.text = new game.SystemText('Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,\nconsectetuer adipiscing elit. Sed posuere interdum sem.\nQuisque ligula eros ullamcorper quis,\nlacinia quis facilisis sed sapien.\nMauris varius diam vitae arcu.\nSed arcu lectus auctor vitae,\nconsectetuer et venenatis eget velit.'); this.text.size = 50; this.text.font = 'serif'; this.text.color = '#ffffff'; this.text.typing_effect = true; //Enable typewriter-effect this.text.x = 10; this.text.addTo(this.stage); // this.text.text = 'Hello\nPanda'; }, update:function(){ } }); }); Could you update this @enpu? my code may be not good or more hardcode or not the best solution to achieve , Welcome to give me a feedback to improve my coding skill, Thanks text.js
  10. Did Phaser Editor have Code obfuscation function? Can it possible to export a phaser project that making the obfuscated code? Thanks
  11. I think @enpu is busy with his new movie. but panda growth is slow,  I worried that it like impact.js become free and stop update😣
  12. Funny game. Could you make the Game Over screen and show the last score when the player die???? because it restart is a too quick.
  13. @AlienBurn recommend you try both and see which one suits you. For me Panda -Easy to learn, I have three games made with panda. -Very small community. -Panda Editor is not free but it can make you code your game faster(export to web or mobile is easy). -Growth So Slow, Engine has not updated for a long time, I worried that it like impact.js. Phaser -Much tutorial and Demo Example (but it left me quite confused after looking at multiple tutorials and even trying a few test projects.) -Very large community. -if you want to export to mobile and Code obfuscation, You need to learn cordova/phonegap , Webpack etc….it's totally free -Engine keep updated each month, fast-growing. Finally, Both of them are an awesome HTML5 engine.😁
  14. Fling, Tap and hold to swing on yellow Circle and collect the hearts attain request the target amount. Flip tiger laughing like a spiderman. Play Here Android Version: How to Play: -Tap and hold to swing on yellow Circle. -Collect the hearts until attaining request the target amount within a limited time. -Avid the Bomb -Complete all 12 Levels Credit: Graphic Download By: OpenGameArt Music By bart: Inspiration: Engine: Panda2 P2.js
  15. Is it bug???? I always use this method to make some sprite or shape fix into camera view. if I want to make some sprite to fix into camera view and don't want to put it in 'stage' I will create fixed_camera_container to make the sprite to fix into camera view. this.fixed_camera_container = new game.Container(); this.fixed_camera_container .addTo(this.stage); this.container = new game.Container(); this.container.addTo(this.stage); this.healthbar = new game.healthbarClass(); //Fixed to camera this.healthbar.sprite.addTo(this.fixed_camera_container); this.player = new game.playerClass(); this.player.sprite.addTo(this.container); = new game.Camera(this.player.sprite);;