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  1. Hola JPCG gracias por tu comentario, tratare de arreglar el movimiento extra├▒o del marcador. Por el momento utilizo ads para monetizar como un iframe dentro del canvas, mas adelante pienso mejorar el juego y colocar power up y comprar internas. Para reclamar los pagos de las ads utilizo western union y los de paypal mediante la tarjeta pioneer. Saludos
  2. Hello everyone. This is a fun game in Spanish hope you like it PLAY
  3. good job is a very nice game...
  4. Hi hi Thanks for your comment.This is the first HTML5 game I post, I have not experienced yet.
  5. Hi all, excuse my English. I share my first game made in HTML5. It is a puzzle game where you have to combine colored monsters to pass the levels. Hope you like it MixedMonsters