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  1. @Goblet Ed Thanks for the feedback! I thought quite a lot about this; playtesting showed that about half of the players found out about the crossing pretty quickly, so I decided to leave it as something that you have to find out, and I liked that the level looked impossible at first. But this also was confusing to some of the testers who were more causal or non-regular gamers. I'll probably make a level which teaches the crossing in a more obvious way, like with one track to move only. Also, if you don't mind, maybe you can tell me at which point/level you got bored/stuck/frustr
  2. http://dubiduh.com Hi fellow game-devs, here's my latest game DUBIDUH. It's a 2d-puzzler, inspired by Snakebird and the panels on The Witness. Since I do this for fun in my spare-time, I like to keep the scope small, so it's a short game. It should run in any modern browser and works for touch and keyboard/mouse-input. I did all the Code and GFX myself (except for Phaser of course); the sounds I licensed from premiumbeat.com. Made with Phaser and Webpack. Feedback is very appreciated, thanks for playing! -antonio
  3. Thanks for working on this feature! I'm using tilemaps made with Tiled, and the 2.7 Beta 3 doesn't show anything. No error-messages. With 2.5 it works fine. It only shows the tilemap-layer when the game is set to Phaser.CANVAS, but then it doesn't have the correct x/y position. Phaser.AUTO doesn't show anything. Code used to create tilemap-layer: createLevelTilemap() { this.levelTilemap = game.add.tilemap(this.levelName); this.levelTilemap.addTilesetImage('Level', 'levelSpritesheet'); this.levelBackgroundLayer = this.levelTilemap.createLayer('Level'); t
  4. RT @Percival: Snaps you post when your investor starts following your Snapchat stories https://t.co/f9VDnc7qxr

  5. For me, the best single source of learning and understanding JS was this course by Anthony Alicea: https://www.udemy.com/understand-javascript/ Usually it's not that cheap but Udemy does sales really often, where the whole course about 20 € or $. He explains everything slowly and very low-level; what does the compiler understand when it reads a "." or ";". (I also did his Angular and Node courses—highly recommended if you're into web-development) One post which helped me understand JS-Game-Development was: http://vasir.net/blog/game-development/how-to-build-entity-component-system-in-j
  6. It would add a little realism to make the Background go reeeeeaalllyy slow, so it's barely noticable. Instead add some extra planets or something to the not-so-far-background which move faster, to show the speed.
  7. Basically everything calmish without singing works for me. While coding on personal stuff I almost exclusively listen to Music by C418, mostly the "One"-Album. Other instrumental Game-soundtracks are also good candidates. I collect them in my Indie-Game-Playlist on Spotify.
  8. Great project, keep it up! Don't forget to write about your discoveries.
  9. Nice one! The top left guy gets stuck on the left side of the platform when falling to the left.
  10. After this, maybe you could create a paid E-Book about handling and organizing large projects with lots of assets in Construct2.
  11. The mini-game for my wedding-website is nearing completion! (Click image or here to play) I'm looking for feedback about the simultaneous control of both players. Was it too hard? Could you get used to it? Would you play it another time? Or even have more levels? Was it clear what the game is about? Did you like the music? Works best on tablets and desktops. Made with Construct2. Thanks so much for playing!
  12. Nice Artwork. The coins seem to bounce off of invisible obstacles. Is that on purpose?
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