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  1. RenJS is updated! New features available to have spritesheet animated CGs, parallel transitions, and more! Devlog is here!
  2. Hello Jahnocli, What element is the speech bubble? A CG? If what you're using the show action, to show a cg in a specific position you should do something like this: - show obj: AT 500,300 The coordinates in the story text should be separated by a comma, and nothing else. If you show your example we can check it.
  3. Here's a little example to add Inputs
  4. Hello and thank you for checking RenJS. I don't come to this forum often, so any question will be answered more quickly directly in the RenJS Tutorial forum. As for the input feature, I made a little example for Kalesco that I can send you on monday, but it's not an integrated feature yet, so you will need to personalize it.
  5. Spike is just a cat like any other, until the local fairy came to visit and told him to find his true love, or else!. Is it just a coincidence that the fairy looks exactly like Cereza? Can Spike find his true love? And what is the else? There's 6 different endings, including secret romanceable characters! The game was developed with RenJS, a new Visual Novel engine, inspired by Renpy and powered by Phaser! (Also developed by me!) Have fun!
  6. Hello, I work on it, I hope to see what you make of it. Pas francaise, mais j'habite ici maintenant! Merci, I hope more people start using it! There are already more new features like Mobile and Desktop versions, multilanguage and lots of bugfixes. Cheers! Luna
  7. Thanks for playing! This is just the demo, the full game will have 6 whole hours to do different stuff!
  8. Hello everyone, I present you my new visual novel, Spiked Heart. Spike is just a cat like any other, until the local fairy came to visit and told him to find his true love, or else. Is it just a coincidence that the fairy looks exactly like Cereza? Can Spike find his true love? Why does the game look so shitty? Many questions in this life have no answer. The game was developed with RenJS, a Visual Novel library for Phaser, also developed by me! Thanks for playing!
  9. Merci! I'm still working on the documentation, though it should be a lot better now. I'm going to open a forum in for this purpose soon, and it would be helpful if you could report errors or problems you find either in the engine or the documentation, I'm working alone in this project and it's not yet very popular. You can't currently pass the variable as a parameter now, because I hadn't thought about it. You still can read a variable (setted with the "var" action) straight in your function. If you check the last part of the call action docs (, there's a list of handy things to use inside your own functions. One of this is the object RenJS.logicManager.vars, which contains all the vars setted during game by the "var" action. In short, to check the value of the "genre" variable inside your function you just have to call it from this object like: RenJS.logicManager.vars.genre. RenJS.customContent = { //put here your own functions helloworld: function (params) { console.log("helloworld function"); console.log("genre is "+RenJS.logicManager.vars.genre); RenJS.resolve(); } }
  10. You need to realign both backgrounds when changing them from place to place. If you change bg1.x to 1280, but bg2.x is 4, then they will overlap for those 4 pixels and create a gap in the other side, so you have to adjust both at the same time. bg1.x = 1280; bg2.x = 0; And the same when changing bg2 to the right side.
  11. Hi! Of course you can use it for whatever game you want. If you can mention the engine in the credits of the game I will be pleased too, since I want more people to know about it. There's a little problem with the call in the yaml file. Yaml parses each element on the list (whatever you write after "-") as the same element. What you need to send is each param as a key-value pair as the child of the call action. What you are sending right now is a list (every time you use a "-" you're saying that's an element of a list), and it's also with the wrong indentation, making this list a "brother" of the main call action. So the way to call it is like this: - call get_variables: param1: parametre Take into account: There's two spaces to the first "-" indicating the call action is inside a scene. There's six spaces in the next line: 2 for scene indentation, 2 for "inside a list" indentation, 2 more for "child of action" indentation. This indentation issue is something that happens because of the yaml format, but shouldn't be such a problem. Just in case, be sure to start with the latest code, that you can find in the Quickstart (the tutorial might be a bit outdated), it includes now different mobile/desktop ports and also multi language possibility. Documentation: Quickstart: Hope to hear from you again!
  12. If you read the helloworld function that's in the file "CustomContent.js" you will see it's expecting two parameters inside the object "params", called "param1" and "param2". When you call this from your story, you need to send those parameters, like this: - call helloworld: param1: asdf param2: qwer This is just an example function, you should make the function you need and send whatever parameters you need to use inside it.
  13. Hello, I'm trying to make a mobile version of a game. The game has lots of code and javascript files that I preload (I have a bootstrap file, that load the splash screen and preloader). I load the scripts like this: game.load.script('preload', 'Preload.js'); It works perfectly on the browser and with the Webview mode in Cocoon, but when I try to use Canvas+, I get an error when I try using the contents of "Preload.js". Not even a problem when trying to load it, so I don't even know why it's happening. Does anyone know what it could be? I would like to use Canvas+, since the webview is a bit slow. Thank you!
  14. You can customize everything, in fact, i'm currently working on a tiny pixel art visual novel. The way to change the size is a bit tricky because to create the Phaser game object you need those numbers right away, so they are a bit hidden, but nonetheless there. You can find the size in the file RenJSBootstrap.js, it's a tiny file so it won't be hard to find where to change it. It's the object phaserConfig that has w and h sizes. The UI is all contained in the GUI.yaml file, there you'll find that it loads the images for the ui, such as the text, name and choice boxes, and also the menus. It's a bit complex, but not hard to get, if you play the tutorial game I linked above, the last part contains an explanation of how to change the UI a bit. As for the controls, the game already uses standard onTap events, so it should work on mobile without problem. A click or a tap are the same for the game, is what I mean. If you want to make something more complex, most of this functionality is in the file RenJS.js. I can help you as much as you need, just post the questions or send me a pm! I hope you do use RenJS for your games.