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  1. This is good feedback actually. WIll invert colors in the hero selection interface. Thanks
  2. I just noticed the edit. It does not need a login. Are you sure you didn't confuse games again ?
  3. No worries, was wondering whether adblocker was showing a false positive for a moment
  4. Hello, thanks for trying. What do you mean by "Erred on adblocker" ? There are no ads in the game so far.
  5. Hey There, thanks for trying! I would suggest to stick to the desktop version for now. While mobile phones and tablets are definitely planned to be as polished as possible, they are not perfect right now. I am sorry for your inconvenience.
  6. Hello, I just launched the open Beta for my newest game, Illyria Royale. A little bit about the game, this is a battle royale MOBA style game. You choose one of the available heroes and enter the game. Each hero has a default weapon when joining. They can pick up more weapons and skills along the way by opening loot chests. Chests spawn frequently at different parts of the map every circle shrink. There are 4 types of heroes, warriors, mages, rogues, and hunters. Mages and Hunters are long-range, warriors and are Rogues are short-range. Each kill provides score/coins with which y
  7. Hey guys, finally had some time to work on GCaps. I have done a graphical revamp, added AI, added a cool new game mode called "Score & Destroy" and much more is coming! Also, if you like it join our discord!!!
  8. Hey, thanks for trying out! It's kinda hard to find a match right now because people aren't playing it, you can try it out with 2 sessions though. Yeah that's a false negative, it's just an import which isn't used anymore, will make sure to make it go away. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. Hey everyone, I am just launching my first title made with BabylonJS and I wanted to get a feedback from you. The game is called GCaps Arena ( Galactic Caps Arena ) and is a caps soccer game in 3D. The player wins if he/she scores 3 goals. The game is thought to be only multiplayer and you can try it out here : http://gcapsarena.com/ 24 It is still a little bit rough around the edges but I am constantly improving it. It would be great if I had a feedback from you guys. Cheers!
  10. Hey Everyone, So I have a mesh which I use as ground, but since I need it exported from blender ( altogether with a navigation mesh ) I cant use the GroundMesh methods such as "getHeightAtCoordinates(x, z)". Right now I have implemented RayCasting for the task and is working quite good, however I need a more efficient way of doing it and since I am looking for one thought to ask here as well. If someone can point me to a direction how to approach this it would be amazing. Cheers!
  11. Hello, So I have been getting my hands on Babylon 3.1.0 and I've noticed a weird bug, whenever calling mesh.dispose we get a null pointer exception related to the world matrix. I have been able to solve this by first freezing the world matrix and then calling dispose. I don't know whether the issue has been reported before or fixed just thought to notify you guys about it. Thanks,
  12. I agree there is a debate whether the character controllers should be rigid body or kinematic body. What you have done here is the kinematic body approach and sincerely I do think that kinematic is better than rigid for the purpuse . However, if someone integrates a physics engine like Oimo or Cannon into BJS ( and BJS makes it easy as hell to do so ), would your controller work and interact with other physic bodies ? I would probably look at this as a next evolution step for your controller. I am thinking of this as something which hopefully later can be shipped with BJS. To be able to do so
  13. @satguru One question. Did you write this based on a physic engine? How easy would it be to integrate it to Cannon.js or Oimo.js ?
  14. @Deltakosh This would be a great addition for Babylon.js . I think it is quite well done not underestimating the fact that writing a good character controller is never easy. @satguru Great job!
  15. Yeah the main problem of the game is that you harly understand what is going on. Nevertheless, it is quite well done content wise, but is lacking alot in UX. I would describe it a mess.
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