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  1. BTW: Kiosk Mode of Chrome could help too. Just call the following from the command line: chrome.exe --kiosk YOURURL
  2. Thanks for all the hints. I will try to figure out what works best for me...
  3. Hi, @Deltakosh does this still holds today? Is there a way to load the scene in browser fullscreen (without a user interaction)? Thx
  4. FYI: Using a StackPanel with a backgroundImage instead of a mesh as described in this post fixed my issue.
  5. A further issue arises. I am able to fix the mesh and set it to an fixed position with mesh.position. But once i changed the Browser Size (e.g. Fullscreen - or minimize it) the mesh stays at its position. Yes i do have resize-event listener activated: window.addEventListener("resize", () => { this._engine.resize(); }); Is there a way to set the position and scaling of the fixed mesh based on the browser window size? EDIT: Scaling added
  6. I found a kind of workaround solving my issue. Setting the specific font as default font directly in CSS: html, body { font-family: 'Ethnocentric'; } @font-face { font-family: 'Ethnocentric'; src: url('./assets/fonts/ethnocentric.ttf') format('truetype'); }
  7. Well I think its a Font-Loading-Issue. markAsDirty() is a good idea - but first i need to know when the font is loaded successfully in order to mark the specific control or texture as dirty. Is there a way to only render the scene if the font is loaded sucessfully via CSS?
  8. @Wingnut thanks for you amazing effort. I was able to include the ttf-Font using exactly the way you said. I added the font face via CSS. @font-face { font-family: 'Ethnocentric'; src: url('./assets/fonts/ethnocentric.ttf') format('truetype'); } But, i do have on further issue: I do have a small UI with a few checkboxes and sliders, and some text using this font. The fonts are not loaded initially with my scene. Once i interact with the UI (e.g. moving the slider or pressing the checkbox) the correct fonts are shown. Do you have any idea?
  9. @Deltakosh great job. That totally solves my issue. I didn't except such an easy solution. Thank you!
  10. Hi there, i do have to reactivate this interesting thread. I am looking for a way to fix a mesh in a scene with an ArcRotateCamera. Apart from the approach of @Mike Pelton, is there another solution available in the meantime? Thanks for any help.
  11. Hi, As stated in the documentation the fontFamily can be set as described in the BABYLONJS HowTo https://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/gui My Question: Which font familys are available? How can I add a new TTF-File? Does there exist a Import or Load Function for Fonts? Thx!
  12. Please find my webpack.production.config.js and my package.json attached. webpack.production.config.js package.json
  13. Hi @RaananW I do have the following packages installed "dependencies": { "babylonjs": "^3.2.0-rc.1", "babylonjs-gui": "^3.2.0-rc.1", "babylonjs-loaders": "^3.2.0-rc.1", "handjs": "^1.3.11" }, If i try to show the debugLayer with scene.debugLayer.show() i do get several errors: (this is just an excerpt of my errors) As described above - adding the following lines solved my issue: declare var window: { [key:string]: any; prototype: Window; new(): Window; } window['BABYLON'] = BABYLON; Tell me if you need further information.
  14. Is this issue probably back in the current version babylonjs 3.2.0-rc.1?
  15. Hey wingnut, it's true i was not able to find the Billboard function. That's why i tried to implement it by myself. A tutorial would be great - a small official Playground Example even better. I was looking for: - React on camera rotation / movement - Mesh facing camera - mesh rotation matrix camera.onViewMatrixChangedObservable did help me. A hint from this observale to billboard would be great too. Thanks for your work and effort!