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  1. OH!!!! I fixed this problem. I just added this line. Thank you for your advice. )) xhrType: LoaderResource.XHR_RESPONSE_TYPE.BLOB
  2. If I will use this link, It doesn`t work - https://i.mycdn.me/image?id=872663412438&t=34&plc=API&ts=000000010000000400&aid=1271381504&tkn=*tXamDTvzRXvb4V3v41eZt-y9DW8
  3. Hi! I have a problem with PIXI 5, I`m making a social game, and I need to load avatars. All file social network gives in WEBP format! How I can resolve this problem? Thank you.
  4. Ivan thank you, very useful information
  5. Hi! Please tell me, what is the best practice for loading assets in Pixi? As I understand it, the Loader only supports the direct download of the files as png, img, and so on. If I want to upload everything as a zip archive with encryption, and how best to proceed? In this case, the class Loader I don't need anymore, right? Thank you
  6. Thanks Ivan, going deeper to understand the issue.
  7. and for mobile rendering? It is better to do on webgl?
  8. But what's better is the performance of the UI using React and UI using Pixi-ui or equivalent, using webgl ?
  9. Hello! Please tell me whether to combine the pixi with react or angular to build the UI. I'm a flash developer with AS3 and turn on JS in the world of flash, works very effectively bundle Starling + Feathers, Pixi, I have not found a decent replacement Feathers. Spend time creating a UI library from scratch is not very desirable. What would you recommend friends? Thank you.
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