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  1. Oh, and Lets Encrypt went to great lengths explaining what their service was not good for so understand it isn't a magic bullet. Cheers again.
  2. First, I only have a basic knowledge of encryption and tech more generally. However, I did wonder about this as I saw a presentation by the Lets Encrypt guys a few months ago and sort of thought HTTPS was standard now. As a result, when I joined up today, I used Twitter to sign in. Was that wise? I also saw someone who wrote about getting spam to an email address that was unique to this site. I am interested to know more about this as I'd like to start developing some HTML5 games with Phaser and this forum is obviously going to be really useful for that. Thanks for your time.
  3. I wanted to say my five year old daughter likes your game. She's requested three times since I downloaded it on my iphone. Just wanted to let you know.