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  1. Hey, I just found physics bug that's easy to reproduce. Load level four and rotate it twice to the left and twice to the right, each time wait for all the objects finish moving. After that player character will fall down from the top right corner to the box below and push it through this long wooden plank. Then you can mess with these things even more and everything will start bouncing around
  2. I have played for a while and had a great time. I'm a big fan of both roguelikes and card games so I really liked this combination. Congrats guys, you did a great job. I'm waiting for more content. The only downside that I noticed is actually playing the cards. Sometimes when I just want to read what they do, I accidentally move them too high on the screen and game automatically places them. It was a little bit annoying until I got used to it. For me, a more convenient way would be playing a card after I release my finger from the screen. edit:// It reminds me a little Slay the Spire from PC.
  3. Is it necessary to calculate position every frame? Maybe you could update players position only when he is actually moving, or even only once after the move ends. Besides, I do not think that such simple calculations could slow down game in any noticeable way.
  4. Arcade Physics is a system based on AABB collision detection, every sprite has a rectangular body shape and it's not possible to rotate it. You can observe that with render function below. For more advanced physics like slopes, you could use P2 Physics. function render() { game.debug.body(ledge); }
  5. Hello everyone! I'm doing game dev for a while but it's more like a hobby than real business. Recently I found this game on my hdd, along with the rest of projects that I never finished, and decided to finally publish something. This is the effect of few days of refactoring my old code. The whole idea of the game is simple, you have to drag nodes around and untangle everything you see on the screen. Even if it's very minimalistic and not too original, I'm still quite happy with the final results. For the first time I'm not ashamed to show my work to someone else. There is link if you want to take a look: I'm waiting for your feedback! If anyone is interested then I will be happy to share the source but first I would have to make it readable for other hoomans