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  1. Thanks, setTransparencyShadow was it what I was missing.
  2. Hi, how can I achieve it that a Mesh casts shadows but is complete invisible. I tried it with a material and alpha = 0 but then the shadow also disappear. I try to create a simple "Blob" shadow for a complex player Character.
  3. No it's not "required" its just .. "the IE11 is still at 8% here in Germany and blablablba" .. talks. For me I would only code for Chrome Ok you can close this thread. I thought maybe someone have a "do this then this" hint Thanks anyway.
  4. Sorry but I cant show of it :/ @jerome: What do you mean by that it is not a good practice releasing objects in render loop. When I have an instance that I don't need any longer then it's bad to call mesh.dispose() ? The memory usage is constant during runtime.
  5. IE11 is driving me crazy. I have a pretty simple scene. I create a ribbon and place / remove instances (no copys). Abound 600 are in the scene. When I start the scene the pe rcormacne is about 50 fps. whcih is OK. But after some time it drops down to 8 and All i do is removing and adding new instances. I also tried it with a object pool where I disable instances when they are no longer needed and then use the unneeded wehen I need new one bit the framedrops till come. I worked with the V3 and tried the alpha Version. Did someone have experience with such problems or maybe a hint what this behaviour could invoke?
  6. OK the issue was the wrong exported model :/ lookAt do the job right
  7. Just ignore that the are fences. Imagen that they are just 3d "Lines" and I would like to place it between 2 V3 . The Position and Scaling is the easy part. its just the rotation thing. But I thing I come a bit closer, looks like my artist mad some failures in the model export. when i make the mesh lookAt the targer position its nearly perfect. only that its pointing in the complete opposite direction.
  8. I try something pretty easy (I think) but I cant make it work. The want that the faces are aligned in their direction between two world space Vector3. The position on the screenshot is not correct but that's not the problem. I tried it with lookAt for the mesh and also played a bit around with RotationFromAxis from this example http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1QM99D#6 But its always not correct rotated, correct would it be when they are aligned along the edge between the two vertices where currently the feces are placed. Any suggestions?
  9. That's an idea. But that would bump up the polycount. Actually our designer ment that he kinda like the gradient.so everybody is happy. Thanks for the solution.
  10. Ok I think i got it. but it would be nice to know if it is possible to get rid of the "gradient" I know that it's just a vertex color which affects all surrounding faces but maybe there is a solution which is not too complicated
  11. We didn't use a Texture just plain colors. I tried the second approach, did I have to predefine the VertexColor for every vertex? So i have to "precalculate" how many vertices I will get? Also didn't I get unwanted "gradients" from the center stripe to the outer vertices?
  12. I generate a Ribbon from a path array which looks like in the attached image. I assign a single color material to the mesh, now I would like to add an another material/color to the center "strip". How can I achieve it. or did I have to create 3 separate paths (left , center, right) ?
  13. Thanks a lot. Now I noticed that (I've copiedthe custom material from somewhere else) didnt show any kind of shading. Can you help with this too?