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  1. Hello, My name is Afifudin Mahdan, you can see my portfolio at I'm interested in this freelance project, as you can see and try on my portfolio, all my previous html5 projects are able to scale responsively to multiple devices, mobile, tablet and desktop. And I can say with confidence that I wiill be able to finish the project within the deadline. You can contact me via email at
  2. Hi Don, I'm interested for the platformer project. I'm an experienced game developer, you can see my portfolio at I'm certainly be able to help you on this project. you can contact me at
  3. Hi Jacob, I'm a freelance HTML5 Game Developer, you can see my portfolio at Feel free to contact me over skype afifudin.mahdan or email : Thanks
  4. Hello! My name is Afifudin Mahdan, and I've been making games since 2011 and started developing html5 games since 2014. I mainly using phaser as my framework. For my portfolio please visit And you can contact me via pm or email at Thank you, Afifudin Mahdan