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  1. Hello,

    After updating from alpha9 to 11, I noticed the following API changes in bjs on:

    • action manager
    • shadow generators.

    Here are the compile errors:

    ERROR in ClientApp/app/VkCore/Vk.ts(414,38): error TS2551: Property '_actionManagers' does not exist on type 'Scene'. Did you mean 'actionManager'?
    ClientApp/app/VkCore/Vk.ts(704,20): error TS2551: Property '_actionManagers' does not exist on type 'Scene'. Did you mean 'actionManager'?
    ClientApp/app/scenes/CityExplorer.ts(691,192): error TS2339: Property 'shadowGenerators' does not exist on type 'AssetContainer'.

    Would someone know what's the new replacement api should be ?

    Thank you


  2. Hey Mackey, just to make sure I understand the question, are you referring to handling the select or trigger button event? In other words, how to hookup your callback for this event? So that when user select a mesh and click on it, your callback is getting called? Or are talking about something  advanced here? :)

  3. Well you are referring to the bottom-right small VR button right? When you click the button, you will enter the VR mode where the scene starts rendering inside the VR headset, by then the button will disappear. This is expected behavior. You can programmatically call bjs api to exit the VR to go back to the browser mode again. 

  4. Hey Mackey, good to hear from you again :)

    Well there are problems with plugin:

    - non standard, breaking cross browser compatibility, security issues etc. In the end, people won't use it. Remember silverlight? 

    Not to mention the hassles of installing the plug in, which is against the spirit of webapp app development. 

    I have high hopes for webassembly! 

  5. I would consider a full VR device as one with 6DOF for both the headset and controllers.The standalone Go/GearVR is only 3dof, but it is still very important vr device imo because of its low price which makes it more available to the public.

    Since you have lots of experience in 3d web, moving to webvr should be easy imo.
    You probably need to learn only a few concepts to get started:

    • VR platform specific controllers handlers/callback
      Babylonjs already provides abstractions for this. Afaik, the standard libs are sufficient.
      As each controller has its own unique buttons etc, the handling is a bit different for each controller.
    • GUI for VR.
      Babylonjs also provides the UI layer for VR.
      You want to get used to the input methods via the controller

    Performance is harder to achieve than browser 3d apps. Depending on the complexities of the scenes, getting 60 fps or higher on webvr can be challenging, especially on low end device like Go.

    As far as build and packaging, it is separate from bjs. It's true this is not covered by bjs docs as this is not considered core bjs stuff. But this gives you flexibility to choose whichever webapp framework you want to use. I personally use the angular with bjs npm packages, it's really easy to debug and package the app. I am sure the same is probably true with others.

  6. It is great to have an accomplished toolkit dev like you to start focusing on webvr! AFAIK most folks on this forum are html5 games devs, the webvr devs are not many. I want to see more getting into babylonjs vr. This will be awesome. 

    Yeah the beauty of webvr is you develop once for all different vr headsets. WebVR api and BabylonJS layer take care of the platform details for you. Usually the only platform specific stuff that your webvr apps need to worry is the controller event callbacks. 

    I think bjs will move into webxr in the near future as well, by then we can develop apps for both vr and ar devices. 

  7. On ‎1‎/‎8‎/‎2018 at 4:23 AM, JohnK said:

    @RaananW you probably are well aware of the following information but in case you are not you may find what I have learned useful.

    Info on using BJS with Ammo

    Threejs demos with Ammo from this github




    Thanks JK for the bjs samples for ammo.js. Now that I feel very comfortable with this whole wasm, empscripten tool chain, js<->c++ interops, I am going to look into this with excitement! :)

  8. I have a template to configure minimal angular with babylonjs which also includes the npm packages and how to reference the ts api from your ng ts files. If I find my free time again I will upload it for the forum. In fact you can easily expand this to make a HTML tags/element based Dom model api for babylonjs. And you can combine both Dom style and procedural approach. I am not much of Dom person so I never bother going there even though it's really not too hard to do it. 

    Yes the webpack dev server is best for dev env. It autobuilds and auto refreshes the browser for debug build. No need to configure gulp/grunt etc.