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  1. Great! thanks for the fix! Will be in the next alpha ?
  2. Here is the PG: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#CEJDI1#2 There are 2 issues here: 1. The shoes were off the girl (The girl is supposed to be wearing the shoes). This is soo weird! ^^ 2. Only the shoes were dancing. (The girl+shoes are supposed to be dancing) Up to alpha7 the rendering was correct, I noticed the broken behavior starting in alpha8. If you want to see the expected correct animation movements, you can check the original sketchfab link: https://sketchfab.com/models/10c077e63fdc4efcb0f7b1acb92e653c Or you can use the previous versions of bjs up to alpha7 to see the correct rendering.
  3. I removed the caret signs in the front and .... yes it worked now! ^^ All is good! thanks.
  4. Thanks. Will be in alpha11 I guess ? ^^
  5. @RaananW it's now building in alpha10 but I still need to do the workaround of adding babylonjs-serializers so that the loaders won't cause build break. I thought this was fixed in alpha9 ? Not a big deal, but just want to call it out in case you consider this is still an issue, albeit a minor one.
  6. Just synced to alpha9 but getting build errors right away. Looks like there is syntax error in .d.ts for the gui package. I am using angular/webpack with ng cmd. Same project built fine previously. Here are the build errors: C:\dev\projects\webapps>ng build --prod Date: 2018-02-21T12:51:23.168Z Hash: e03edb425620f4fe17e0 Time: 6027ms chunk {0} styles.9c0ad738f18adc3d19ed.bundle.css (styles) 79 bytes [initial] [rendered] chunk {1} polyfills.7635b39e999c8cd2e748.bundle.js (polyfills) 86 bytes [initial] [rendered] chunk {2} main.9444a37124a94844ea40.bundle.js (main) 84 bytes [initial] [rendered] chunk {3} inline.dff7020f031ec8a8dd21.bundle.js (inline) 1.45 kB [entry] [rendered] ERROR in node_modules/babylonjs-gui/babylon.gui.module.d.ts(5,22): error TS1003: Identifier expected. node_modules/babylonjs-gui/babylon.gui.module.d.ts(5,30): error TS1005: ']' expected. node_modules/babylonjs-gui/babylon.gui.module.d.ts(5,36): error TS1005: ';' expected.
  7. Here is the bug: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/issues/3792
  8. OK I will do so. Thanks.
  9. Just tried the 360 video. it worked pretty well so far. The gui menu also works inside the dome. One thing I noticed: as I switched scene from 360 video to something else, I want to have the dome node removed by calling dome.dispose, but it still stays there. It got superimposed with the new scene. I also don't see scene.removeDome method. So the question is how do I remove the dome from the scene ? thx.
  10. @RaananW The workaround worked! thanks for looking into this!
  11. Yes only alpha npm package users. But lots of cool features introduced in alpha 8
  12. @RaananW @Deltakosh Do you have any eta for the fix? Thanks. @brianzinn thanks for the feedback. So this is not just me. This confirms this issue will impact anyone using bjs npm package.
  13. @RaananW FYI, although I don't access the babylonjs-loaders package directly, I still need to import it so that the gltf image of the controllers will show correctly. I am using WinMR vr btw. If I remove all references to import 'babylonjs-loaders' in my project, it will build ok, however incorrect controller image (looks like gear vr controller) will show up and it messes up the event handling.
  14. The alpha8 broke my build. Stuff was building and running fine previously up to alpha7. I am using angular 5 (with webpack internally). My package.json settings related to bjs: "babylonjs": "^3.2.0-alpha8", "babylonjs-gui": "^3.2.0-alpha8", "babylonjs-inspector": "^3.2.0-alpha8", "babylonjs-loaders": "^3.2.0-alpha8", "babylonjs-materials": "^3.2.0-alpha8", "babylonjs-post-process": "^3.2.0-alpha8", "babylonjs-procedural-textures": "^3.2.0-alpha8", "cannon": "0.6.2", "core-js": "^2.4.1", "oimo": "^1.0.9", Here are the error messages: ERROR in node_modules/babylonjs-loaders/babylonjs.loaders.module.d.ts(842,39): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'IAccessor'. node_modules/babylonjs-loaders/babylonjs.loaders.module.d.ts(845,47): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'IAnimationChannel'. node_modules/babylonjs-loaders/babylonjs.loaders.module.d.ts(850,24): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'AnimationSamplerInterpolation'. node_modules/babylonjs-loaders/babylonjs.loaders.module.d.ts(853,47): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'IAnimationSampler'. node_modules/babylonjs-loaders/babylonjs.loaders.module.d.ts(856,40): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'IAnimation'. node_modules/babylonjs-loaders/babylonjs.loaders.module.d.ts(861,37): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'IBuffer'. node_modules/babylonjs-loaders/babylonjs.loaders.module.d.ts(864,41): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'IBufferView'. node_modules/babylonjs-loaders/babylonjs.loaders.module.d.ts(867,37): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'ICamera'. node_modules/babylonjs-loaders/babylonjs.loaders.module.d.ts(869,36): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'IImage'. node_modules/babylonjs-loaders/babylonjs.loaders.module.d.ts(872,39): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'IMaterial'. node_modules/babylonjs-loaders/babylonjs.loaders.module.d.ts(877,35): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'IMesh'. node_modules/babylonjs-loaders/babylonjs.loaders.module.d.ts(880,44): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'IMeshPrimitive'. node_modules/babylonjs-loaders/babylonjs.loaders.module.d.ts(882,35): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'INode'. node_modules/babylonjs-loaders/babylonjs.loaders.module.d.ts(895,38): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'ISampler'. node_modules/babylonjs-loaders/babylonjs.loaders.module.d.ts(898,36): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'IScene'. node_modules/babylonjs-loaders/babylonjs.loaders.module.d.ts(900,35): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'ISkin'. node_modules/babylonjs-loaders/babylonjs.loaders.module.d.ts(904,38): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'ITexture'. node_modules/babylonjs-loaders/babylonjs.loaders.module.d.ts(906,35): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'IGLTF'. node_modules/babylonjs-loaders/babylonjs.loaders.module.d.ts(1000,57): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'ITextureInfo'. node_modules/babylonjs-loaders/babylonjs.loaders.module.d.ts(1035,93): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'IProperty'.
  15. Is this in alpha 8? When will it be pushed to npm? Thanks
  16. Here is playground to repro this issue. It's the sample refraction page which I modified to add vr helper. http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#21J6M5#1 2 rendering issues that I see here: 1. The refractions of the tiles on the round glass looks incorrect. 2. When the yellow ball goes behind the glass, it is completely not visible. Again, this might be related to the other reported vr issues, but I am posting this separately so we can track and confirm the fixes for each.
  17. @Deltakosh Here is the playground to repro this issue: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#DNUPI2#2 Try to view the scene using vr headset. Please pay close attention to the top or bottom parts of the oval as it turns around showing the curvy side. You can see a bit of flickering over there. If you turn off the fxaa (by commenting out block lines 5-9), the flickers are gone. Not sure if this is related to the jagged lines issues, but I am posting this separately so we can track it.
  18. @Deltakosh I can create the playground for you to see the flickers in vr headset. Later today I will finish it. Thanks for looking into the teleport issues.
  19. The refraction feature is also broken in vr. Not sure if related but I will post it separately so it can be tracked properly.
  20. @dsman for my case, the default rendering pipeline with fxaa does smooth out the aliasing a bit, but it also introduces a bit of flickering. It was not the complete solution by any means. But the root issue seems to be coming from enabling vrhelper's teleportation.
  21. This is a weird problem but at least I am able to repro it consistently. Here is the playground: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#VW5SKD#3 Initially the teleport is disabled (commented out at line 11), try to view the scene inside vr headset, and the view is ok, no jagged lines. Now edit line 11 to remove the comment (to enable teleport), hit the Run button and view it again, now you will see the jagged lines noticeably. Btw, I am using WinMR vr. Don't know if this is impacting others like vive or rift.
  22. @Deltakosh Here is the playground, I am able to repro it. https://playground.babylonjs.com/#0IFDHU#16 Currently the approach A (lines 16-18) is being used and it does a bit of smoothing on the jagged lines. If you try approach B, you will see that the jagged lines look worse. The most interesting is that the whole jagged line issue actually starts to appear as soon as you enable teleportation. So please also try to disable the teleport (line 11) and you will see that you won't see jagged lines issues (well only a bit). Is this a potential issue with teleport ? I would rather have the issues fixed by teleportation. Thank you!
  23. @Deltakosh Ok I will try. I know only typescript, I am not a real web developer But this is certainly doable. Will ping you when it's ready.