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  1. No it's not my first experience, i have used pixi js multiple times, what i mean is, pixi is not part of my daily work.
  2. No i have not add stage to times. I give you a little bit more background, i have integrated pixi in vue not in the regular way. I can use vue components to add container, sprites ..., vue has a update function ( Vue Lifecycle Diagram ) this is called when data is changed. This part works fine, but the same update function is called when i change some js code at development, when i change some code (sprite position) i see after the update the sprite on the old and a new instance on the new position. I think the solution is to call a reload function from pixi in the update version. I'm not so f
  3. I have pixi combined with vuejs, all works fine except the hot reload, when i update one component then is each of my sprites doubled on the screen. How can a reload the whole renderer? Thanks for help
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