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  1. Hey as it is evident your packet sizes are huge. You should first work on optimizing your netcode rather than just moving the current code to C++. Best of Luck.
  2. It really depends if you are looking for web games in hypercasual genre or multiplayer genre. Me and my team works on multiplayer genre specifically for example while for hyper casual trueValhalla has nice portfolio.
  3. Sent you a message as It did a similar web game some time ago.
  4. I would like to discuss more about this. But your discord link has expired.
  5. Sent you a PM. Do let me know. We work on multiplayer games with small teams of two people for one game. There is a revenue-share agreement, and a fast cycle of game release (within a month or two). You can show games on your portfolio. We bear all the costs of hosting, graphics, etc.
  6. Extremely Smooth! Are you using three js for this?
  7. That is very nice idea. Sure would do that . Thanks.
  8. Hi Everyone. Here is my Real Time Strategy Fighting game made with Unity Webgl. The game is still under development although its somewhat stable now. I would love to hear your suggestions and criticism. http://www.castleglory.io/
  9. Do you know how can we unload the asset from memory . Or every asset we load always stays in memory/ Can I maybe see your game. Never saw a webgl game with unity with good number of assets!
  10. Hey! I believe I can help you form an opinion here. I made an IO game solely for Web Purpose using Unity (took Webgl Export) Goods --> Pretty fast development. I do have an option to port it to native mobile app now. The game is working fine in its present form. Cons--> Can not add more graphics as Unity is very heavy in loading assets in webgl. I essentially have to add most graphics in preload which increases the loading time very heavily. I see other frameworks like pixi and phaser handling the assets much better and keeping game lighter. So w
  11. I am making a multiplayer Pong game. One paddle is on top other is on bottom. I want to rotate the screen for the other player so that both players can play same game and from bottom position. I want both of them to see other player at top. Please help on how to rotate camera or world?
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