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  1. I used the in-game level editor to accomplish this. This level has a concept, some challenge and interesting interactions, that's what makes it a good design. When you begin with the level editor you're just throwing traps and enemies here and there, but when mastered, you can really make interesting things.
  2. Thank you 👌 A lot! 😛 thank you for the feedback. Thank you for trying it! I will work on a remapping possibility for the move keys, right now, you can only move with cursor keys, or gamepad.
  3. Hello! I have chosen this forum to be the first place where i will communicate about the release of my game, because Phaser has a special place in my heart. i decided to work hard on this project, alone, and never talk about it until it was well polished. I was about to release the beta in a couple of days but... what a surprise, i just saw that PhantomStom made an article about it! I don't even know how he found the URL, but i'm glad he did it :). So a little earlier than i expected, here is Infinity Land (BETA): https://infinity-land.net/ It's a sandbox platformer, you can create your own levels, and share it with the community. Greatly inspired by Mario Maker of course, but also: Metroid, Mega Man, Super Meat Boy, i wanna be the boshy. The levels i design are pretty hard because i like to improve from dying! but i will make more easy levels for beginners. I suggest you to look at the SPECIAL INTERACTIONS page to know more about all the subtleties. You can also play the controls tutorial without registering: CONTROLS TUTORIAL You can help me to improve the game by reporting issues or misspelled worlds to support@infinity-land.net. Thank you in advance for testing the game, any feedback is welcomed.
  4. onTap is a mouse or touch signal, onUp is onUpCallback for gamepad and it doesn't allow fullscreen too.
  5. Triggering fullscreen with onDownCallback with game.input.keyboard works fine, but with game.input.gamepad i get this error: " Failed to execute 'requestFullscreen' on 'Element': API can only be initiated by a user gesture." Is there a way to modify phaser.js to recognize the gamepad as a valid user gesture for fullscreen? game.input.gamepad.pad1.onDownCallback = function (button) { if (button === 9){ game.scale.fullScreenScaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL; if (game.scale.isFullScreen) { game.scale.stopFullScreen(); } else { game.scale.startFullScreen(false); } } }
  6. it happens to as well with firefox only, it drops to 30fps randomly (rather rarely, i would say 1 chance on 20), if i unfocus the window and come back it comes back to 60fps.
  7. function windowCloserOpener(_window,action){ if ((tween && tween.isRunning) || _window.scale.x === 1){ return; } if (action === 'open'){ tween = game.add.tween(_window.scale).to ( { x:1, y: 1}, 1000; Phaser.Easing.Elastic.Out, true); }else if (action ==='close') { ...... } } //and then make the callbacks like that: popup2.events.onInputDown.add(function(){windowCloserOpener(popup2,'open')},this); // you need to call your function in another function in order to pass it parameters
  8. i wanted to achieve the same thing not long ago, here is how i did it, there is maybe a better way but i did not find any in documentations: to place the new texture at the right place, we need the good top left coordinates. so we need to find the point with the lowest X in the graphic shape, and aslo the point with the lowest Y. here is the array of points of the graphic: yourGraphic.currentPath.shape._points let say i put this array in a G variable. the even indexs in this array represent all the X coordinate of the points, and the odd indexs represents the Y coordinate of the points. i wrote two functions to make new arrays: xPoints and yPoints, and then i aplly the reduce function (its a global javascript array function that takes another function as parameter) to obtain the minimum number of each array, and VOILA you have the coordinate to the new texture: function evenIndexArray(array){ let newArray = []; for (let i = 0; i < array.length; i++){ if (i%2 === 0){ newArray.push(array[i]) } } return newArray; } function oddIndexArray(array){ let newArray = []; for (let i = 0; i < array.length; i++){ if (i%2 !=0){ newArray.push(array[i]) } } return newArray; } xPoints = evenIndexArray(G); yPoints = oddIndexArray(G); function minSearch(a,b){ if (a>b){ a=b; } return a; } textureX = xPoints.reduce(minSearch); textureY = yPoints.reduce(minSearch); the problem with this method is that you need to reajust according to your lineWidth: yourNewTexture = game.add.sprite(textureX - yourGraphic.lineWidth, textureY - yourGraphic.lineWidth, yourGraphic.generateTexture());
  9. my guess: Try to see if you have your platform set to sprite.body.moves = true when it actually is not moving, or immovable or anything that makes it not moving. Or if you have a manual Y replacement of the player 1 or 2 pixel too much, Or try to set player.body.velocity.y to 0 when colliding platform.body.top.
  10. maybe playing with game.camera.bounds.x / game.camera.bounds.y and game.camera.scale.x / game.camera.scale.y will do the job.
  11. wow, i have finally solved this! after 2 days of struggle, battling with my code, all for nothing, it was my antivirus software: AVAST. Never use this antivirus with phaser it broke the loading process! xhr requests taking forever. I realised that the game worked on my neigbour's computer, that's when i understood the problem was coming from my computer and i could search elsewhere than in my code. note that this guy was right: thank's for the reply, i feel so relief right now. but it also makes me worry a bit for my future players, is there a way to avoid this issue without desabling the antivirus?
  12. The game works perfectly on local server, however when i put it on a web server, it get stuck at 80% progress the first load attempt, if i refresh 1 or 2 times it finnally works (i think the audio finally loads thanks to the web cache), this issue is on every brower, i have my game made in states, i think the structure is good, i dont understand. only one "game.load.audio" line (even if the audio is less than 10Ko) make the loading stuck. if i erase this "game.load.audio" line, it loads fine... I have the progress function so i can see that it get stuck at the same point of the loading and the create function is never triggered unless i refresh a few times. No error appears in the console, it's just stuck at around 80% (i m monitoring the progress parameter of "onFileComplete" in console). I have tested several audio files, i tryed .ogg .mp3 .. always the same issue. I tryed opera, edge, firefox, chrome, i tryed raspberry pi web server, and OVH web server. edit: i have watched the network panel of brower's developer tools, and some files stuck at "pending" state, this happens on both my home web server and a hosted web server, but never on localhost. if i wait 2 or 3 min, it finally loads, or if i refresh.
  13. Hello everybody! I'm proud to showcase the first game of my new compagny from france. you need accuracy and reflexion to complete all levels, each chapter brings a new element of gameplay. You can hope for gold medal if you do the less bounces possible. gold medals = new skins. i've made a website with a demo of the game: www.kosmoon-studio.com and you can download the full game for free on the play store: Ball Genius thank's in advance for playing you can mail me at: ballgenius@kosmoon-studio.com