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  1. We are a duo, i'm the programmer and my associate is in charge of marketing, communication and management. We are about to launch Astrogon, an arcade platformer mobile game. We wanted it to be intuitive and easy to learn but really challenging at the same time. You need to avoid the opposite color, unless you are purple (Purple is like Mario's star). green power-ups give you an extra jump. If you are purple you have an extra jump just by touching a wall and gravity changes. The main plus of this game is the community levels. I made an in game level editor, and users will share t
  2. I used the in-game level editor to accomplish this. This level has a concept, some challenge and interesting interactions, that's what makes it a good design. When you begin with the level editor you're just throwing traps and enemies here and there, but when mastered, you can really make interesting things.
  3. Thank you 👌 A lot! 😛 thank you for the feedback. Thank you for trying it! I will work on a remapping possibility for the move keys, right now, you can only move with cursor keys, or gamepad.
  4. Hello! I have chosen this forum to be the first place where i will communicate about the release of my game, because Phaser has a special place in my heart. i decided to work hard on this project, alone, and never talk about it until it was well polished. I was about to release the beta in a couple of days but... what a surprise, i just saw that PhantomStom made an article about it! I don't even know how he found the URL, but i'm glad he did it :). So a little earlier than i expected, here is Infinity Land (BETA): https://infinity-land.net/ It's a sandbox platformer, you can cr
  5. onTap is a mouse or touch signal, onUp is onUpCallback for gamepad and it doesn't allow fullscreen too.
  6. Triggering fullscreen with onDownCallback with game.input.keyboard works fine, but with game.input.gamepad i get this error: " Failed to execute 'requestFullscreen' on 'Element': API can only be initiated by a user gesture." Is there a way to modify phaser.js to recognize the gamepad as a valid user gesture for fullscreen? game.input.gamepad.pad1.onDownCallback = function (button) { if (button === 9){ game.scale.fullScreenScaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL; if (game.scale.isFullScreen) { game.scale.stopFullScreen(); } else { game.scale.startFullScre
  7. it happens to as well with firefox only, it drops to 30fps randomly (rather rarely, i would say 1 chance on 20), if i unfocus the window and come back it comes back to 60fps.
  8. function windowCloserOpener(_window,action){ if ((tween && tween.isRunning) || _window.scale.x === 1){ return; } if (action === 'open'){ tween = game.add.tween(_window.scale).to ( { x:1, y: 1}, 1000; Phaser.Easing.Elastic.Out, true); }else if (action ==='close') { ...... } } //and then make the callbacks like that: popup2.events.onInputDown.add(function(){windowCloserOpener(popup2,'open')},this); // you need to call your function in another function in order to pass it parameters
  9. i wanted to achieve the same thing not long ago, here is how i did it, there is maybe a better way but i did not find any in documentations: to place the new texture at the right place, we need the good top left coordinates. so we need to find the point with the lowest X in the graphic shape, and aslo the point with the lowest Y. here is the array of points of the graphic: yourGraphic.currentPath.shape._points let say i put this array in a G variable. the even indexs in this array represent all the X coordinate of the points, and the odd indexs represents the Y coordinate o
  10. my guess: Try to see if you have your platform set to sprite.body.moves = true when it actually is not moving, or immovable or anything that makes it not moving. Or if you have a manual Y replacement of the player 1 or 2 pixel too much, Or try to set player.body.velocity.y to 0 when colliding platform.body.top.
  11. maybe playing with game.camera.bounds.x / game.camera.bounds.y and game.camera.scale.x / game.camera.scale.y will do the job.
  12. wow, i have finally solved this! after 2 days of struggle, battling with my code, all for nothing, it was my antivirus software: AVAST. Never use this antivirus with phaser it broke the loading process! xhr requests taking forever. I realised that the game worked on my neigbour's computer, that's when i understood the problem was coming from my computer and i could search elsewhere than in my code. note that this guy was right: thank's for the reply, i feel so relief right now. but it also makes me worry a bit for my future players, is there a way to avoid this issue wi
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