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  1. Twisted tracks will now untwist as you drive them. Feel free to create your tracks as twisted up as you like! 🌊ïļðŸ˜
  2. ðŸĪŠ That was fun.
  3. And now there's an Android app Spoiler alert... It's just a Trusted Web App (TWA). Ie: It's just the web game, inside an app.
  4. The track editor is finally done! It took a lot of coding, so hopefully not too many bugs. ðŸĪ“ And there's a new single race mode where you race other peoples tracks. Looking forward to seeing what tracks people make! 😃
  5. Yep. That link works. So smooth! Love it! 👍👏 Runs great on my phone too. Except you can't control the snake. 😝
  6. Would love to check out a fellow GWT game. 👍 However, the link isn't working (site can't be reached).
  7. Thanks! I've been working on it in my spare time for about 3 years. I'd estimate I've spent about 600 hours on it (about 4 months full time). The track editor is taking waaay more time then I expected, and it's still not finished! I'm really hoping Google App Engine Standard supports websockets soon. Then real time multiplayer will be easy to implement. Otherwise, I'd need to switch over to their flexible environment, and do all the Docker packaging, and boring stuff like that.
  8. To help the beginner drifters out there, I've added spin control, and auto braking. These can be turned on/off in game: The spin control will detect if your drift is about to get out of control, and will steer into the drift for you. The auto brake will detect if you are about to head off the track, and will apply the brakes for you. I've tried to make them not too aggressive, so there is still skill involved in drifting the car. Please let me know if you like them or not. Happy drifting! 🙂
  9. Hi Mattstyles, Glad to hear you enjoyed it! What's your race name? I record every race, so hopefully I'll be able to debug what's going on. Or, if you go to your profile Settings -> Profile, you can see your last few races, can you put the URL of the race that had a problem. Thanks! EDIT: Never mind, I found you. "The Beast" 🙂 I see the weirdness. You're right, it looks like your car is hitting something, but there is nothing there. Very strange. Time to start debugging. EDIT 2: Found the bug. The traffic cars have gone invisible. Woops! Fix coming soon. EDIT 3: All fixed. When I made changes to render ghost cars, I messed up the rendering of the traffic cars. Traffic cars are now back! You can now see them hitting you and spinning you out Sorry about that, and thanks for noticing the bug! I really should do more testing. 😊
  10. Ghost races are now done. Tracks that have close racing now have opponents as ghosts cars. So you can focus on drifting, and not worry about crashing. Happy drifting everyone!
  11. You now can! ...sort of. 🙄 I've added private friend races. It's still turn by turn racing, however, you can see when your friend is racing, and you can race right after they have finished their race. I know it isn't what you were after, but it's a start. 🙂 Demo video: Have fun drifting with you friends!
  12. I hit this problem as well. I fixed it by calling resume() when the user presses a button: audioCtx.resume(); If you look at your Chrome console, it will tell you that it created AudioContext in a suspended state, and give you instructions on how to resume it.
  13. No, not at the moment. I've deployed the game on Google App Engine which doesn't natively support opening web sockets. So, there would be a fair bit of work to get that going.
  14. They are replays of real people. Once you race, your replay is saved, and the next person will be racing against you. Once a few people race the same track, then the replays are reset, and the process starts over again (the first driver to race, gets a ghost replay car to race against). However, some tracks have traffic (which is bot/IA). Like this one: If there is a name below the car, then it is a replay of a real person, otherwise, it's traffic. Also, if you hit traffic, then both cars are affected by the collision. However, if you hit another person, because it's a replay, only your car will be affected by the collision, so you will come off worse. So, avoid hitting other players.
  15. Drift Racing! Practice drifting, or go racing against other real people. I'm still developing the game (using GWT and WebGL4J). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Still to come is a track editor, and creating teams to go drift racing together. PLAY HERE >>> Happy drifting!