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  1. And now you can add weather to your tracks! Rain, snow, and fog! Also added the stats to the homepage: https://drift.team/
  2. Wow. Apart from the bug that it wasn't recording the impressions, that's a show stopper right there! Thanks for letting us know.
  3. Just received my first AdInPlay payment! Woohoo! 3 months after signing up. First month I was under the required amount to get a payout. Second month pushed me over the requirement limit. Then it took them 26 days to pay. My RPMs seemed to have dropped a little since signing up. Rewarded video ads are still by far the best at RPM ₮2.12. While small mobile banner ads (320x50), only get RPM ₮0.15. Overall, I think AdInPlay is still good. My game visits have only increased to around 4K users / month, so the revenue is really only covering the server costs plus a little. Still a
  4. Hi @Megabyte Does AdInPlay pay you okay? Does anything show in the table in the Payment Balance screen? Mine was showing my payment, but has now disappeared, and I've received nothing. Thanks!
  5. Awesome! I suspect AdSense will be the gold standard. I applied a year ago and never heard back.
  6. I tried Applixir. Their stats didn't line up to what my Google Analytics were saying. My game only gets around 3500 users / month, however, they were reporting they only saw around 300 requests for a rewarded video. I chatted to them about it, and they admitted, I needed a lot more users for them to serve up ads, so I discontinued. Then I implemented PayPal payments. That was also a fail. The friction for someone to enter a credit card is just too high. I wish PayPal would accept Apple Pay and Google Pay! I'm now trying AdinPlay. They are showing great results so far! The rew
  7. There's been a lot of updates to the game. There are now over 800 cars, and over 3000 tracks. And I made a promo video. 😁 Still free to play, however, I've now added ads. https://drift.team/
  8. And now you can connect a Gamepad or Joystick. Or even a steering wheel and pedals! 😁 https://drift.team/
  9. Lots of new updates: Track editor improvements. Friend chat. Favourite tracks. Top time notifications. VIP benefits. And people have been making some crazy tracks! Drift an X Wing through the Death Star: https://drift.team/?p=race&u=5758066595201024&t=5331767496015872 Drift the Space Shuttle: https://drift.team/?p=race&u=5758066595201024&t=5183788189483008 Monster trucks: https://drift.team/?p=race&u=5758066595201024&t=4650040658231296 Go karts: https://drift.team/?p=race&u=5758066595201024&t=56406943
  10. Each track you create now has its own high score table. See who the best drivers are on your tracks. You can even watch their replays!
  11. Twisted tracks will now untwist as you drive them. Feel free to create your tracks as twisted up as you like! 🌊ïļðŸ˜ https://drift.team/
  12. ðŸĪŠ That was fun.
  13. And now there's an Android app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=team.drift Spoiler alert... It's just a Trusted Web App (TWA). Ie: It's just the web game, inside an app.
  14. The track editor is finally done! It took a lot of coding, so hopefully not too many bugs. ðŸĪ“ And there's a new single race mode where you race other peoples tracks. Looking forward to seeing what tracks people make! 😃 https://drift.team/
  15. Yep. That link works. So smooth! Love it! 👍👏 Runs great on my phone too. Except you can't control the snake. 😝
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