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    Playniax game engine

    Game template keep-mining available for Pyro Simply reskin the game, change the title, design levels, change the music and monetize it anyway you like!Final builds should work on Android, iOS, HTML5, Windows and OSX!Play demo here
  2. Playniax

    Playniax game engine

    Hi guys,This will be the place where I will keep you up to date you on the latest Playniax game engine called Pyro! You can find it Pyro is ideal for building 2D games and other interactive graphical driven applications. Pyro apps run on WINDOWS, OSX, LINUX, IOS, ANDROID and HTML5! And... It's FREE! Here is a game made with Pyro
  3. Greetings all,We just released CrashTest Art pack V1.2! Get it at here or see all our stuff here