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  1. Hello thank you very much. I just want where to download sample images for my projects. I needed a place on Phaser or another website. Thanks for the support.
  2. miguelito

    sample images

    Hello, I wanted to know if in the Phaser page I can find sample images and logos to download or use online in my projects, if not where can I find what I am looking for ??? Thanks greetings
  3. Hola, no puedo acceder al enlace Hi, I can not enter the link. Thank you
  4. Hola, no puedo acceder al link
  5. Hello, I'm following a course with Phonegap and I have almost no time to study, if I do not do the project, I lose everything I invested. The problem is that I have to create a game (simple) created in javascript and make use of accelerometer, Phaser with its physics engine. If you can help me with a simple example. Thank you very much to all. a greeting
  6. Hello, I appeal to you because I run out of time. I'm following a course and I need to create a game (simple) that makes use of device accelerometer, the course is done with Phonegap, created with HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and use PHASER, preferably the physics engine. If you can help me. Thank you very much